Como ver a Aurora Boreal?

Like seeing aurora borealis?

February 27, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

If you are like the people who have dream of seeing the Aurora Borealis, here we will talk a little about how to view the Aurora Borealis, also known as Northern Lights (Northern Lights).

A Northern Lights It is a natural event where particles from the Sun entering the Earth's atmosphere, and produce the colors red, orange, blue, yellow and green in the sky, the most common is to see green, but when you are stronger you can see the other colors.

To be a phenomenon of nature, to see Aurora Borealis, should happen some events, first have to be between late September and early March that match autumn and winter in countries that usually it appears that are: Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Canada and the US (Alaska state).

second point, is not anywhere these countries you will see, you have to be away from big cities, with little or no artificial light, because the city lights do not let see the phenomenon and the Heaven must be clean, cloudless or few clouds, this part is one that can slow you down, as in northern nights with clear skies are rarer.

third point, and most importantly the sol particles must be present, because you can be in one of these countries with clear skies but if not the particles of the sun will not have the Aurora Borealis.

Other factors, like full moon , the phenomenon is more difficult to appear, since the strong light also hinders.

One thing that helps a lot in Hunting the Northern Lights are some applications that inform where are taking place the phenomenon as the applications Aurora, Arora Forecast it's the Aurora Alerts, they show the intensity of the Aurora, if the sky is clear enough, the likelihood of being able to see, What time and place it is best.

Our experience in trying to see the Aurora Borealis, already we went to Iceland stayed there almost a week and we have not seen, since most of the day was overcast and the day the sky was super clean radiation from the sun was low, but the sky was beautiful, as you can see in the pictures.


As we can not see in Iceland, We went to Finland in the northern region, known as Lapônia, and we stayed in the city of Ivalo, and there we saw the Aurora Borealis, but it was so feeble that only come across the picture taken of the machine, as you can see below.

Traces Aurora Borealis

As yet we have not seen the way we want, still we continue behind it and we are planning a next place to see the Aurora, the good thing is that these countries have many different attractions, so we get to know many places and attractions that legal thought never do.

By last, another tip, to take pictures of the Aurora Borealis or stars, the camera should be with some settings, As or focus not infinite, with the diaphragm of the camera with maximum opening, with maximum opening time, 30 second exposure, have a good tripod for the photo does not come out blurry, and the ISO can be between 200 a 800 It depends on the location and photo backdrop.

Good luck in the pursuit of Aurora Borealis.

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