Comprar um Chip de Celular para Viagem Internacional, vale a pena?

Buy a Cell Chip for International Travel, vale a pena?

January 30, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

For you as the people of TurMundial who loves to travel and is not without internet, cell chips for international travel are very good and essential in today's world.

Why Buy a mobile chip for international international travel?

  • Save up to 85% with communication in travel;
  • Get free calls over 135 countries;
  • Receive free text messages worldwide;
  • Get online anywhere in the world;
  • Chips are usually prepaid.
  • No setup fees;
  • Free calls from Skype and Viber.

Just to demonstrate a problem that you can cut with Chip Travel, a trip we made to Europe, we had to pay more than 120 euros, That's right over 120 euros (almost 445,00 real), why not turn off data roaming and we 30 minutes with open roaming in Andorra that was not part of the EU and the bill came to this value, only because of 30 minutes gave all this trouble.

international chip where to buy?

There are already some companies that do this kind of service, we use the company chip Travel, and we enjoyed the company that has branches in Brazil, and the chip comes right into your home. It has also OMeuChip e a Global Talk Phone, It should be an equal service but that does not use. Click here to buy chip Travel

O chip Travel is a call receiving service without cuts. You dial an international number from your phone, as usual. Chip International Travel handle your call, connects you to the dialed number and call him back, which connects the two lines. This ensures that the call travels exclusively through our network of partners, generating up 85% economy and ensures superior sound quality, no matter where you are. It's simple.

Perfect for data roaming, you can access map data for who is traveling is always good to have access to Google Maps to see the paths and the main attractions of the city you are, web browsing and your e-mail account, and of course not to disconnect from the world with the chip you can access WhatsApp, facebook for you to share that incredible moment of your trip, Your Waze on car trips you make the world.

The costs are much lower than with its Brazilian phone operator, or operators of foreign countries.

Well this is our tip for those who want to travel and not be without internet access.