Conheça as praias de Malta

Meet the Maltese beaches

October 2, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Malta is a country located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, makes maritime border with Italy, nearest country, and also with Tunisia and Libya, Malta is made up of five islands, three of them Malta, Gozo and Comino livable.

To be formed by islands, Malta has several beaches and pools, Here you will know almost all the beaches of this beautiful little country.

>Blue Lagoon
The most beautiful beach in the country and one of the most beautiful in Europe perhaps the world, a beach between two islands with crystal clear water with a beautiful shade of blue, it is not a sandy beach, there has very few parts sand, They have more stones, but this does not affect the beauty of the place, this beach is at the top 5 the European beaches. It's good to arrive early, or outside the high season and give preference to go during the week, for all who go to Malta, at least one day go there. She's in Comino Island.

Wied il-Ghasri
A little, and small stone beach on the island of Gozo, what delights this beach is the crack of the sea between mountains, is a sea arm enters between the stones making a kind of canyon, there also has a small cave, all this you can swim and go to the open sea.

Blue Hole
Is next to where was the Azzure Window, also a beach stone, that looks like a hole, as the sea comes to the beach because of this “hole” or cave that brings water to the beach, this place is much sought after by divers. Vale a pena visit, very beautiful.

Golden Bay
One of the few sandy beaches of the island, there is the best place on the island to see the sunset, as it falls into the sea, you can see the sunset from the beach or from a tower on the mountain next. There also saw some people doing barbecue after sunset.

Ghajn Tuffiena Bay
It is next to Golden Bay, It is also a beach of fine sand and beautiful, one of the most beautiful in the country, you can make a path between the beaches next to, as well as Golden Bay gives to walk to Gnejna Bay Beach.

Gnejna Bay Beach
It is next to the beach that we speak up, It is also of fine sand and very pretty, a good place to relax, the price of beach huts are very cheap, It was the beach we found the cheapest values., for example a beer 500 ml 1,50 euros. A part of the beach has a natural pool.

Paradise Bay Beach
Beautiful beach, well urbanized, It is very close to the port that leads people to other Maltese islands.

Ramla Bay Beach
Also known as red sand beach, the sand is not very very red, it is more earth color, but it is an extensive and beautiful beach, next door has a very beautiful cave that has the view from the top to the beach, Such is the basement-Mixed Cave, you can enter it and see the beautiful view from there, across the beach also has another cave Calypso Cave, only that it is closed to visitors for security reasons.

St. Peter´s Pool
Not quite a beach, but as the name implies is a natural pool, where the staff jumps from the top of the rocks in this pool, there sunbathing rolls in same stones, take your sarong or towel and play there, like enough.

Airmier Beach
more urban beach with white sand, some restaurants and bars, very quiet, They did not have a lot of people when we went there.

Selmun Beach
A well deserted beach, and very difficult to get there because the road is almost the size of car, with stone walls on both sides, to be lonely is the beach that staff enjoy doing nude, when they were 4 people on the beach.

Airmier Bay Beach
Another fine white sandy beach with a beautiful sea and blue and crystal.

Ghar Lapsi Divesite
It is a cave, and has a beautiful room to stay, and having to stand on the rocks is very very hot, It is a different place to meet, good to take a dip, enjoy the water hitting the rocks, and know the place.

Mellieha Bay
The longest beach of the island of Malta, and urban with several bars, restaurants and kiosks, The sea is beautiful, ideal to go with children.

Roman Baths
They are natural pools Sliema city built between the sea stones, very different from all the beaches we already know, They are several swimming pools with ladders to enter, and the waves enter the pools.

Qawra Point Beach
stone beach between the towns of Qawra and Bugibba, It has natural swimming pool and also the sea is too, there also has many dive companies to practice on site.

Little Airmier Beach
A small beach of fine white sand, side of Airmier Beach and the Airmier Bay Beach.

Anchor Bay
A small stone beach next to the Popeye village, there you can also see the fantastic sunsets from the beach and the mountain top.

Salt Pans
A beach beside sea salt farm, very beautiful.

Santa Maria Bay
Comino is the Island next to the Blue Lagoon, better to stay in the Blue Lagoon which is wonderful, for there is no longer so beautiful, many people go there, for behind the beach has a camping.

Pretty Bay
Despite its name, the beach is not very beautiful as it is in front of the main port of loading of the Islands, the sea is beautiful, the beach is beautiful, plus the view of the harbor does not help, but worth a last.

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