Contagem regressiva para a nossa ida de Navio para a Europa!!

Countdown to our ship going to Europe!!

March 20, 2015 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

It is coming the day of our departure for Europe, as I have said, we ship!! Missing 30 loooongos days (counting the minutes), for our loading at the port of Santos.

We decided to go ship, after solve switch to Dublin, we begin to see the date, values ​​and compared between plane and ship, (It is cheaper to go by plane, but ship has a reasonable value, outside we find most relaxing and fun). Let's get down in Barcelona, we will be 8 days there, because I have to order some documents (since I have Spanish citizenship, I will ask my DAYS, It is equal to our RG) and to ask the Pri NO (It is equal to our RNE, leading to foreign, with permission to work and study).Then took a flight to Dublin.

So we decided: overnight before we close the passages to Dublin, I remembered that a friend of mine had done a cruise back to Europe, (is when cruises that make the season here, back to Europe, to make the cruise season in summer there) and then I asked the Pri: Well we could go ship, instead of right plane? At first she thought it would not, because prices, but the very next morning, she saw the possibilities and that gave a lot to make this trip, then we begin to see which companies and ships did this.

We look to Royal Caribbean, MSC, Costa Cruises e Pullmantur , found that one of the Royal Caribbean ships, o Splendour Of The Seas, I had the final destination in Barcelona, just where we have to pass before going to the Ireland, the price was a little different, a plane ride there, was a 2.000 real more, the couple, but do not forget that are 14 nights, in a super ship, with food included, shows, parties, cassino, swimming pools, stops in amazing and all the best places that a ship can offer, think much cooler, is “mini vacation” before you get there. We will arrive in Dublin beeeem rested and ready pro stop lol. At the time we buy, the Dollar and the Euro were at a much lower value, It was well before that monstrous rise.

We buy an external cabin, with window, because we think 14 nights without window, It would be a bit tricky, even not getting long in the cab. I would have bought one with balcony, but everything was already packed, even buying well in advance, we did not expect that the demand was so high.

The journey from script 15 days is: Output Santos, We stop in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Tenerife (Canároas Islands), Malaga and landed at Barcelona.

After the trip, We will post many photos, telling how it went, wait!!

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