Córdoba, Alcázar e a incrível Mesquita Catedral

Córdoba, Alcázar and the amazing Cathedral Mosque

January 6, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Taking advantage of the end of the year, we were not going to work decided to travel to the South of Spain, and learn a little more of Andalusia (one state / community in Spain), Andalusia is a region of Spain with very culture of the Roman era, Islamic and medieval, with excellent cuisine and amazing cities, in addition to being the land of our ancestors.

We decided to make this trip one to crack most famous cities of Andalusia, Córdoba, Seville e Granada, for those who already know our blog the TurMundial,You know that we live in Barcelona in Spain, we decided to make this drive.

Before speaking of the trip will talk real quick car rental and then I will write a detailed post about the story, summarizing here, We rented the car doing a search on this search SkyScanner Cars has given us as the best option site AtlasChoice (we had already used two other car rentals in Ireland, they are or were a company that does search on companies that rent cars), but what happened 5 days before our dear trip, We received an email canceling the reservation, we were desperate it, I began to call AtlasChoice, and no answer, I decided then to call the company that would rent the car AutoClick Rent a Car, and there we found that the cancellation had occurred because AtlasChoice was not paying the car rental companies, and if we wanted to continue with the rent we would have to pay direct again AutoClick Rent Car, We think quickly and solve afford not to run out the trip, and now we are asking for a refund to the card, since AtlasChoice, He said he would not return and ask directly to the card, let's see what happens. But more importantly will not rent CAR WITH ATLASCHOICE. Then we saw their page full of the same complaints ours and now it is down. We took the opportunity to tell AutoClick Rent Car helped us in what was possible and gave a super upgrade in the car would be a basic type C3, and has called for an SUV Kuga (it would be a top EcoSport), it was great, since it was a very long trip.


Coming back to Cordoba, separated 7 days for this trip, two days to Cordoba, two for Seville and 3 days to Granada, as one of the days we went to the Sierra Nevada, ski resort next to Granada.

Roman bridge of Cordoba in Spain

From Barcelona to Cordoba are 865Km the fastest way, but with expensive tolls and tolls, another option is to go via Madrid only 150 km are the most, so we decided to go with the road tolls that gave more or less 40 euros, the road toll has is the AP-7 (freeway 7) the stretch between Barcelona and Valencia. The roads are excellent we did all the way in 8 hours, stopping only to refuel the car 1 time.

Things to Do in Cordoba and what are the main attractions of Cordoba.

On the first day we arrived late because of 8 hours estrada, We arrived in the late afternoon, in the evening, after checking in at Hotel Oasis Córdoba, a very good price hotel, location and also has free parking.

catedral de Córdoba

We left the car there, We leave the bags in the room and we were walking since the hotel was very close to the center, that night I could see the old Ponte Romana the first century of Córdoba all lit up, very beautiful.

Things to Do in Cordoba and what are the main attractions of Cordoba.

We passed the Calahorra tower, and strolled the well-lit and beautiful Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba.

What are the main attractions of Cordoba.

As we were tired we just eat at the restaurant El Choto, We eat a delicious black rice with sepia, very good and cheap, 20 euros the dish for two or three people and the beer was also cheap ones 2 euros the big guy 500ml, it's a good place.

Things to Do in Cordoba

In the second day, we went back there, but with the sunlight to see old Ponte Romana do seculo I, on or river Guadalquivir, recently the bridge was restored and is beautiful, Cordoba is one of the postcards.

Roman bridge of the century I

On one side of the bridge is Calahorra tower a fortress of the seventeenth century, which today houses the museum of Andalusia, but in some books have reference tower in the twelfth century.

Calahorra tower a fortress of the seventeenth century

Across the river is the old town, or central Cordoba, starting with the Bridge / Arc of San Rafael Trinfo, in honor of the saint are Rafael.

Arco do Trinfo of San Rafael

From there we went to the second most visited place in Cordoba the Alcázar of Kings Cristianos, but since it was Monday, many places in Spain do not open, then left to visit on the morning of the third day along with Mosque Cathedral of Córdooba, because at 8:30 9:30h the visit is free, after this costs time 9 EUR per person.


Since it was closed we went to see the Royal Caballeriza, where were the horses of royalties, today has shows of Andalusian horses, It must be very beautiful, only we did not show on the days we were there.

Royal Caballeriza

The city has thousands of feet of Tangerine (here they call Mandarins), and as it was the time of the fruit, I decided to pick one to eat, the fruit was beautiful, I took the shell and eager put an entire bud mouth, only by surprise these tangerines this region are extremely acidic, I made a face at the time the Pri laughed too, I gave one to her to try just a little bit and see what it was and she also whole spat, We had to throw out the whole tangerine, it was impossible to eat.

Continuing we went to see one of the famous Patios de Córdoba, which are spaces inside buildings or houses full of flowers, One more beautiful than the other, the famous calls Los Patios del Alcázar Viejo, but there are several around town, and another courtyard we entered the resident spoke to see a work in homage to the culture of the courtyards made by her brother.

Patios de Córdoba

Patios de Córdoba

Following our walking tour, we arrived at the Port of Seville, an old door that led to the walled city, side is a large part of the wall still standing.

Port of Seville in Cordoba

We follow the wall to the direction of the river, because we wanted to see all of it, closing the banks of the Guadalquivir river, to our surprise we found thousands of sheep and sheep grazing on the riverbank, with the guy who was driving the flock (pastor), It was very nice to see the sheep, love, We had never seen live, we feel very rural lol.

Wall of Cordoba

Sheep and the shepherd



Going back into the walled city, we went to Bath Alcazar Califal, It is a museum with an ancient place where the Islamists took her famous bath.

entered the Capella Mudéjar San Bartolome It is pretty to, only very small and still pay 2 euros, not worth a worth.

Capella Mudéjar San Bartolome

Next door is one of the only Synagogue still exist in Spain, here they were also expelled, We did not know that, there writing this whole story.

Almost leaning is Casa de Sefard, What is a Jewish museum, Pri recalled that a while ago even appeared information on facebook and elsewhere on the law of Sefardies that could give rights to Spanish descendants, only we did not know if this was true or not, the Spanish government website has an option to take the citizenship by the law, soon we will post information about it here on the blog.

We meet with the old Muralhas and Almodovar Gate, It is a beautiful place because the side wall has an alley with a water mirrors d.

Muralhas and Almodovar Gate

Almodovar Gate

As it was lunch time decided to go to Victoria Mercado de Córdoba, to try the famous and delicious typical dish of the region, O Salmorejo, It is very good even there in the market has a restaurant called The Salmoreteca Victoria Market, which has a tasting Salmorejos, no need to talk we love right?


After eating this wonderful dish, We went to see Roman mausoleum.

Roman mausoleum

We passed the San Hipolito parish e Paróquia San Nicolas de la Villa and then by Plaza de las Tendillas.

Paróquia San Hipolito and paróquia of San Nicolas de la Villa

No Roman temple discovered in the 1950, who had just left in Cordoba some columns, which are pretty well.

Roman temple discovered in the 1950

The Church of St. Paul, was closed only we saw the facade.

Church of St. Paul

One of the most known is the points Christ of lamps (Christ of the Lanterns).

Christ of lamps (Christ of the Lanterns)

Another thing we found closed, for being Monday was the Viana Palace, It seems to be very beautiful from the pictures we saw.

After we passed the Parish of San Lorenzo Martyr, Paróquia of St. Andrew the Apostle, Magdalena Church and Chapel of the Holy Martyrs, all just saw out, Ermita is already a bend in the river Guadalquivir in a very beautiful square.

Parish of San Lorenzo Martyr, Paróquia of St. Andrew the Apostle, Magdalena Church and Chapel of the Holy Martyrs

Parish of San Lorenzo Martyr, Paróquia of St. Andrew the Apostle

As we had known what we had scheduled for the day, we stopped at a side of the Guadalquivir River to the bar for a beer, the bar called Cocina 33, Beer is cheap, but they close early, 7h, but I could see the sunset on the river.



As closed early we seek another bar, and just entering a very pretty ballad, adjacent to the bridge Miraflores, I do not remember the place name, but for those who want a party is a good place.

On the third day, which in fact it was only one small part of the morning, We went to meet the two most important places in Cordoba, the Alcazar of Christian Kings and the Cordoba Cathedral Mosque.

A Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba it is paid, more if you are the 8:30 am can visit without paying and you can see the church until 9:30 am, outside those hours is paid, and even reaches 8:30 a.m.,to walk around and take pictures, it is immense is the second largest in Europe after Vatican, and ace 9h30h they kick everyone there, He begins the Mass, then we went to see the Mass also, but they do not let you do not look the right side, to have no danger of you take photo, It is full of security guards.

Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba

Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba

The Cathedral Mosque, It is a fusion of Islamic cultures and Cristiana, built in the tenth century as Mosque, this time Cordoba was one of the main cities in Europe, It was converted into a cathedral in the twelfth century, with the reconquest Cristiana made by the Catholic Kings.

Arcos da Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba

Mesquita in Cordoba

She's incredibly wonderful, you have to know.

Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba

Cathedral Mosque

Torre da Mesquita Cathedral of Cordoba

O Alcázar two Christian Reis, which was closed on Monday, as we said at the beginning of the post, we can also see that day, there are the remains of the Catholic Kings reconquered Cordoba that the Islamists, so it has a great value for Spanish.

Alcázar two Christian Reis

Alcázar de Cordoba

Alcázar of Kings Cristianos in Cordoba

The Alcázar has a castle, the fortress and a beautiful garden, very cute, costs 4,50 euros, and has half price for students.

Alcazar Garden of Kings Cristianos

Tower Palace of Kings Cristianos

no Alcázar, Kings Christian Elizabeth II and Fernanda, Spanish kings, They had a meeting with Christopher Columbus before discovering the Americas.

Alcázar, Kings Christian Elizabeth II and Fernanda, Spanish kings

Kings Christian Elizabeth II and Fernanda, Spanish kings

Just leaving the city towards Seville, we spent in Medina Azahara, ancient Arab city built close to Cordoba anyone drive is a good place to meet, shame that we soon, I had a lot of road ahead, towards Seville.

Medina Azahara

Medina Azahara

We love very Córdoba, a wonderful place to meet.

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