September 30, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Leveraging our trip to Warsaw we would be by 4 days settled into one of the days to go Krakow, It is one of the oldest Polish cities, according to legend, it was built over a cave of a dragon slain by King Krak.

Krakow today is a very cultural city in Poland and very romantic, with its beautiful old town, but in the past it was the Nazi government capital during World War II and still holds a sad air which is most evident in the concentration camp of Plaszow, Auschwitz (will visit the concentration camp buy a ticket before) and Oskar Schindler Factory (buy advance tickets here), the famous movie Schindler's List which is based on real events happened in these city.

Situated on the banks of the Vistula the city dates back to the seventh century. Traditionally one of the main centers of academic life, cultural and artistic Poland and one of the most important economic centers.

Poland is one of the cheapest countries to visit in Eastern Europe, good advantage as the currency does not switch to Euro, as the country is already part of the European Union. Comer, drink and stay in the country is very cheap compared to other European destinations.

This trip a day we did there, we train, we leave Warsaw early and came back late, compramos os tickets na própria estação de trem Warszawa Centralna, which was next to the apartment we had rented for the Airbnb.

The price we paid was more or less 22 euros round trip per person, and the path is straight 2:50 a.m., if you want to buy on the internet or see the train schedules between the Polish railway company's website which is the PKP Intercity, arriving at the train station Krakow station is right near the main attractions of Krakow, it is possible to know the entire city walk, agora se você quiser ir até o campo de concentração de Auschwitz ou na mina de sal de Wieliczka que são outros passeios famosos que o pessoal faz a partir da cidade (look here, the values ​​to make these tours), you should be more days, because each tour spends all day, we only stayed for the city that is very beautiful.

If you like us, does not speak Polish, careful because in some places like to buy the train ticket was through mimicry, they did not speak English or, or Spanish, so check schedules and prices on the Internet and plan well your trip.

Things to Do in Krakow and what are the main attractions of Krakow.

See the map below the points we visited, usually every city we are visiting, before we go, We do some research and noted on Google Maps, the main tourist attractions of the place.

The main attractions of Krakow are:

St. Peter's Basilica. Florian in Krakow

Barbakan Krakowski

St. Florian’s Gate Brama Floriańska

Czartoryski Museum

Church of St. Mark the Evangelist

Roman Catholic Parish of the Holy Cross

Main market

St. Mary’s Basilica

The Cloth Hall

Franciscan Monastery and Basilica of St.. Francis of Assisi

Wawel Royal Castle, Catedral e Smok Wawelski

St. Andrew’s Church

Church. St.. Giles

Church on the Rock

Roman Catholic parish church. St.. Augustinian Monastery of St. Catherine of Alexandria

The Ethnographic Museum. Seweryn Udziela – they Esterki

The body of Christ Church

neighborhood Judiu, Galicia Jewish Museum o Old Synagogue e Remuh Synagogue

The factory of Oskar Schindler, It is across the river and not find interesting to go.

After this tour, we returned to the main square, speaking be the largest in Europe, where we had dinner and we enjoyed the view of the square, drinking a beer.

Plan your trip

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