Ilha de Creta, a maior ilha da Grécia e mais ao sul

Crete, the largest island in Greece and further south

August 16, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Crete It is the largest of the Greek Islands, well south of the country, It is between Athens and Egypt, an island with many wonderful beaches and mythological stories.

We went to Crete in a cruising trip we made to the Greek islands, and Crete was our second stop, before we go through Mykonos, then we went to Rhodes, Patmos Island e Santorini, we leave Athens.

The cruise does not stand a long time in the Islands, only a few hours between 8 e 12 hours, Crete this time is very little, to meet all the Dream Island is getting there 4 a 5 days it has many things to do and the island is roughly 250km long and 50km wide, many say it is good to get two days in one hand and two days on the other side.


As our time was short, We made a script that consisted visit the most beautiful beach of the Island, and one of the most beautiful we've ever been in life, a Balos Beach, and visit the historic town of Chania which is near the port of Souda, where the ship docked early.

Balos Beach

We were one of the first to leave the ship, as we speak in other posts, the best transport to take you to tourist attractions in the Greek islands They are motorcycle or ATV, but this does not apply to Crete, I'll explain the reason.

tourist attractions in the Greek islands

We also believed that Crete was also possible to walk with ATV and so we booked one in advance, and asked to take the port of Souda is that there are 10 Chania carriage minutes.


We found with the store clerk with the ATV in the port, We talked with him, and when we were going to sign the papers rent, he asked where we were going and began a long history, that at first left us very angry, because when we say that we would go to Balos Beach which was about 45kms away, time the guy that said that ATV was not to go to Balos Beach because of bad dirt road and it was too far, and he told us not to go there to go to other places and it was there he would have to talk to the owner of the store to see if it authorizes go, he then called his wife and she clear authorized not go with ATV, this impasse the guy we talked to the store that was a 10 minute drive away, in another city and there we see what can be done.

On the way the guy kept saying that it was very difficult to go there, it had to be a quad bike with more power and greater, for it was only 150cc, at that time the Pri started getting scared to go to Balos Beach where she was about to give to the guy giving her fear, for he was still talking I had to almost climb a mountain to get there. Arriving at the store do not remember what city it was and not where we were, We started talking to the woman who did not want to rent the ATV for us, and she also saying that it was very difficult to arrive at Balos Beach, He said it had to be another ATV 500cc, We asked if that was possible to go and she said it was, but he was more than twice the price of the other ATV, rent were 80 euros, what we had booked were 35 euros, I was already very angry and Pri too afraid to go there, and the two were thinking what do we do to solve the problem, it also found 80 very expensive euros, for only a few hours.


Then the store staff said he had a tour shop next door, We went there to see what could be done, we knew that led to arrive by boat at the beach, and really gave, We talked with the store of the girl and she said the value of the tour and transfer to the port where you get off the boat, the value of all this would be 50 EUR per person, much more expensive than we thought in spending, but we think we will be ok at least safer, but still not knowing what to do, Pri asked the time to and from the back, because of our schedule to return to the cruise, we would be back to maximum 17hs, but she said that the tour was over 17.30 and we would still have to go to the port after this time, of course I could not do the tour, whatever plan had gone awry, and I very nervous and also the Pri, what to do right? Not even know where we were.

Balos Beach Beach

We look to the other side and saw a car rental shop, thought will be our salvation, entered the store talked to a very nice man and saw the rental option of a cheaper car, to leave a 50 euros (15 euros more than the quad, but that's okay right?), we think this is the ready solution, I gave a touch Pri not to mention where we were this time, it seemed that the guy did not would rent the car if we were to Balos Beach, and he let us leave the car in the back at the port, then after that marathon 1h almost got finally rent the car and we could go after something to do. And we had to be quick, because our time was already short, I was shorter.


When I got into the car and started Pri discurtir what we would do, I wanted to go on Balos Beach, even with personnel having placed afraid, because we had read how to get, we had all the information to go on this beach, We read several blogs and even talked to another travel blog (O Lolepocket) on that beach, but the staff left the Pri too afraid of the road and it was impossible to go there, this time the weather was way too tense, because I wanted something and wanted another Pri, she wanted to go to the beach of Elafonissi Beach, that seems to have dirt road to get there, It seems to be a very beautiful beach and such, but it was not Balos Beach lol. After a nice discussion, finally convinced her to go to Balos Beach, only that the Pri was still very angry with me.

Crete Beach

We started the way to the beach, passing by roads of Crete, because as I said was about 45kms, In the market to purchase a little food and drink, but do not have it on the beach has a mini bar, and affordable, when we were already getting close, We passed by the Port Kissamos where that boat out to go to the beach I mentioned earlier, and soon after there began to dirt road about 8km, before the road has a booth that charges 1 euro per person to help preserve the beach, and to ask the girl if it was quiet road and the trail to get on the beach and she said yes, are 2km between uphill and downhill in the heat 42 degrees but ok and how they had several cars going there Pri again became quiet and peace reigned again rs.

crystal clear waters

These 8Kms dirt road, you can not go fast with the car, for it is really half bad but it is very quiet, with a lot of movement, after each 20 minutes we arrived at the parking lot that was almost full and that it was a morning 11 am.

Balos Beach Park

After we parked the car went to the track 2Kms, are a 30 minutes walking, it really is quiet is not difficult, a lot of people with child, only has many climbs and sharp declines, but very calm, We stopped at the first viewpoint and from there we have seen that it was very worthwhile to have gone through all this to get there, that place paradise, how wonderful beach and lagoon, we can say that is one of the most beautiful beaches we have ever met in all 41 countries we have visited.

Trail to Balos Beach

The track is on the mountain makes the view even more beautiful, this paradise, the trail up is easier with the magnificent view of the beach and the lagoon of Balos.

View Balos

The track can be made in a mounted Jegue, It has multiple rentals, but we were sorry and so we prefer to go even walking.


We stopped several times to take photos of this place so so beautiful.

Crete in Greece

after the 30 minute walk from this wonderful view, Finally we arrived at the beach, happy happy and amazed, we stayed in the part that is the beach.

wonderful view

There has loungers for either want to rent, we were with our giant yoke we buy in Barcelona, I do not remember the price of sunbeds, and the bar which cost a 3 EUR 500ml can of beer until it is a good price, especially in a place like this.

One of the most beautiful beaches of Crete

much we enjoyed the beach and the crystal clear water with shades of green and blue, the photos are beautiful but live is even more beautiful.

One of the most beautiful beaches in Europe

On the beach still has a part of the sand is pink, so even pink sand amazingly, see in the picture.

Best beaches in Greece

We sat there enjoying the Aegean, that wonderful beach, We walk a bit to stroll along the beach and lagoon.

Best beaches of Crete

Only we had a few hours to get there, we wanted to stay there for days to enjoy even more but it was time to leave, to know a little of the city of Chania.

But the conclusion of the story is to go to Balos Beach is easy just away, It has a piece of dirt road and a quiet trail to, and you can go easy drive, You do not need any special car, after that we saw that was good until the store staff not to rent the small ATV for us because we would really take long to get there with this transport, at the end we thank God that all this happened and we just going to drive even.

Best beaches in Greece - Balos Beach

Balos Beach before we speak there are two ways to get, by car, as we were and it's quite quiet or boat from the port of Kissamos, to give to go ATV only it would be tiring and very long trip, so we talk go by car and arrive early, for the afternoon staff who arrived after us, I was stopping the car already out of the car in the middle of the dirt road and well away from the place we stopped.

And after Balos were touring Chania, the town is very pretty has a very cool old harbor in Venetian style, with several bars and restaurants, from there out several boat people to dive Numas beaches nearby.


We walked through the city center, the narrow streets and beautiful.

Port of Chania

In the port has a strong, a beautiful castle, a lighthouse and there must be a beautiful sunset, the sun, we saw the ship, it was now time to return to the ship.

 Chania Crete

Chania Lighthouse

Another good thing the guy who rented the car for us, as I said before was that we agreed to leave the car at the port of Souda parking and there he would seek the car after, and look at how well ? Let's leave the car unlocked with the keys inside? He said yes, I would have no problem, clear that when we took a thousand photos made car video and such, and until the vessel leaves he had not caught, very quiet right? We're not used to that rs.


So is the hint, if Crete, be sure to go to Balos Beach the most beautiful beach that we know of Greece.

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