Cruzar a fronteira entre a Bósnia e Herzegovina e Montenegro de carro

Cross the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro car

April 28, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Mostar and its amazing Roman bridge. We car crossed the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, in a trip that did between the two countries and after passing by the Bosnian cities : Trebinje, Mostar, Blagaj e Sarajevo, We went from Sarajevo, the Bosnian capital, for Podgorica, capital of Montenegro.

So much Montenegro and Bosnia, Brazilians need no tourist visa, only have to present your passport, Should be no carriage, as we were, It is required in addition to the driver's license and car document, a green document that is car insurance and authorization to circulate in the country. So do not forget to tell your car rental agency that you will leave the country and ask that document, in our case we rented the car in Dubrovnik, na Croatia.

The road between the capitals are simple WELL, two-way, in Montenegro the roads are better than the Bosnia, who took up the dirt road before arriving at the border, that same dirt road, anfractuous, when we were a 30 Km arrived in a mountainous region of Bosnia, and two-way road also turned earth, no guard rail and a cliff side to help the, so we recommend doing this route during the day, as we did, because even being only 30km, you will take around 1 hour or more to fly the route.

At first thought, will it have a border to cross country or this road will end in a dead end road, but a few kilometers ahead the road began to have movement, too much, people who go in this region for rafting, so much so that even had some pretty big buses on the road, with all this movement were quieter, even with the bad road.

The border between the two countries goes through a river, on one side is the border of Bosnia to the other of Montenegro, Bosnian side of the border booths are a simple containers, side of Montenegro is already more evolved.

We spent over 1 time to move from one country to another, because besides the bad road we get 1 hour in line to cross borders, but very worth it, We met several beautiful places you can see in the script of Bosnia and Montenegro we did. So we recommend going with time, unhurried, as did.

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