Cruzeiro Brasil – Europa – Parte II

Cruzeiro Brazil – Europe – part II

March 11, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Hi guys, Here we will continue with the post Cruzeiro Brazil – Europe. (See the first part here)

6DAY, early went through Fernando de Noronha.

Fernando de Noronha

As it was too early and had just left the room and upstairs to be very early chill was the machine to take pictures at the beginning of pass by Fernando de Noronha, I was blurred lens, we had to wait to take better pictures.

Fernando de Noronha Brazil


It was amazing to cross the Fernando de Noronha Island, really wanted the cruise had stopped there, but I was not in the script, It is for another trip.

Fernando de Noronha

Cruise Fernando de Noronha Island

We took several pictures of the hill two brothers, and the island, an odd, since we were on the ship.

two brothers hill, and the island

Christian Gutierrez

The ship was surrounded by birds that time.



After that beautiful passage, we were in the pool enjoying the day.

Priscilla and the Christian TurMundial

7DAY another day of navigating the Atlantic Ocean.

navigating the Atlantic Ocean

On that day he did not have much, It was again a day of pool, casino and the night show.
Brazil cruise to Europe
And we were always enjoying the beverage package.

Pullmatur cruise

I took that day to make a climbing wall climbing ship, were three routes, I did three and for beginners like me, the latter was very difficult.

Christian Gutierrez making climbing

In the evening, the waiter, He did a little dog with towels.

dog with towels

8DAY second night gala ship, these long cruises is good to take at least three party clothes, as we were with all our change had more options.

Ship gala evening

The day was a lot of sun, as almost the entire trip.

Sunset at Sea

The night we'd always in a bar next to the casino, and sometimes we climbed to the ballad that was on the top floor of the ship, but it was not always very lively and ended at 2 am.
Casino at sea

9DAY that day we would go early by the Cape Verde Islands, forming the country Cape Verde, as the day of crossing Fernando de Noronha was a wonderful day, I went to see this passage, on the information of the ship said it would spend ace 8:30 the morning and then at noon, Pri did not want to wake up to see, her luck, different from Fernando de Noronha the ship went far away from the first islands and did not see anything, only a very distant lights of the ship and moreover was totally dark, wind and cold, I returned to the hut to get some more sleep.

Cape Verde Islands

And the same happened at noon, the islands were too far from the ship.

Cape Verde Islands

In the evening, more precisely in the late afternoon we were, the other restaurant package 3 what do we buy, about Izumi, with specialty Japanese and Asian food.

Cape Verde Islands

The food was very good, He gave desire to eat more, but out of the package the price was very expensive.

Japanese and Asian food

After the restaurant we were at the show a magical tightrope.

show a magical tightrope

10DAY, another day of pool, whirlpool and drinks, We did not need any more.

Sun and sea

The night air show in the ship's hall was canceled due to the balance of the ship, the show was for another day.

11DAY, first stop after 6 day shipping, we arrived in Tenerife, Canary Islands belonging to Spain.

Tenerife, Canary Islands belonging to Spain

We took a tour of the ship packages, it was to meet Teide volcano, a drive 4×4, I did one post on the ride. It was wonderful.

Teide volcano

Teide volcano

On that day the night we learned that one of the passengers was sent off the ship, because of his conduct, We did not know what really happened, the safety of the ship is very strict, what is good for all.


12DAY, we were approaching the Europe and the heat began to decline, I could not really enjoy the pool, I could not take much sun for quite windy, but I could stay in the Jacuzzi that has the warm water well.


The doll tonight was a monkey hanging from the chandelier.

monkey hanging from the chandelier

In the evening had the Neptune Festival, when we were crossing the equator, to gain a diploma, By crossing the imaginary line.

Neptune Festival

White Party

13DAY, soon early before sunrise the ship crossed the Strait of Gibraltar, on one side is Africa you spot Morocco, the other side is Europe, you spot Spain and Gibraltar.

Strait of Gibraltar

Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar with the sunrise together, It was an amazing experience, very exciting and beautiful. The crossing takes about 1 hour.

Strait of Gibraltar

Sunrise in the Strait of Gibraltar

After seeing this beautiful paissagem went back to sleep and wake up a little more to Pri who failed to wake up to see the ship crossing the Strait.

Sunrise at sea


Some time after we got Málaga, penultimate cruise stop.


There had also caught a ship ride package, only it was canceled for lack of people, It was even good that it happened as it gives to know the city on foot and it was great, see the post about Malaga.


The night finally took the air show that had been canceled, very beautiful and different, vale a pena see.

air show on the cruise

air show

14DAY, penultimate day, but almost last, since the next day early desembarcaríamos in Barcelona.

Europe Brazil Cruise pool

It was the day to rest enjoy the ship, the beverage package and the casino.

full moon in the sea

15DAY we arrived in Barcelona, as I lived there for almost a year, I wrote a few posts on there (Browse the posts on Barcelona), we 8 days there to solve some documents and then took a plane and went to Dublin in Ireland.


TurMundial in Barcelona

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