Cruzeiro Brasil – Europa

Cruzeiro Brazil – Europe

March 9, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In April 2015 We moved to Europe, and came to Dublin in Ireland, to study English and try to get away a little of the crisis in Brazil.

After we solve make this change, It came the idea of ​​doing this change ship, so we can walk a little, before we got here. I had heard a friend from work, talk that had made this trip, we begin to see the values ​​and dates for takers, we knew that we would have spent more or less 3.000 real person in the plane ticket, Total 6.000 real, begin to see that the ship would most expensive, but even with the difference in value, much worth, the infrastructure of the ship, tours amazing places, cassino, shows, swimming pool, restaurants (inclusa food), fun and the mini vacation we would have before we moved.

Cruzeiro Brazil - Europe

Cruise pool

And finally we decided to leave Brazil in style, instead of going to the plane Europe, We decided to go ship, 15 days sailing across the Atlantic, to arrive in Europe (with some stops, as will described later).

15 days sailing across the Atlantic

We look to Royal Caribbean, MSC, Costa Cruises e Pullmantur , found that one of the Royal Caribbean ships, o Splendour Of The Seas, I had the final destination in Barcelona, just where we would have to pass before going to Ireland.

Royal Caribbean

O cruise to Europe we chose had the script and stops: Santos, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, Tenerife in the Canary Islands of Spain, Málaga e Barcelona, as well as pass by Fernando de Noronha and Cape Verde.

Here I tell you how was our trip, I divide a day to get easier.


1DAY, at the time we bought the tickets for the ship, we also booked a transfer, (indication of Royal Caribbean) which led us to São Paulo, where we lived, to Santos, port where the ship departed. The transfer came at the appointed time of the Congonhas airport, e em 1 time we were in Santos.

transfer, (indication of Royal Caribbean)

Arriving at the port of Santos, We found my father and my stepmother (Rosana), who they were in Santos and were there at the port take a bye for us, after saying goodbye, We leave the bags at a local port, we checked in and entered the ship, it was more or less at lunch, and the cabins would only be released in mid-afternoon.


We went to lunch at one of the restaurants serving lunch, the ship was about 8 Total restaurants, out the bars which were scattered.

pool cruise

On that day we take to meet the ship, sunbathe and a few beers, we bought a drink package, which included beers, smirnoff ice, some types of sparkling wine and wine until 9 Dollars. They were over 20 World beer brands, not even need to mention that we all brands right?

TurMundial on cruise

We made this package before boarding, but inside the ship also has packages to sell (They are all part) but very worth it, for those who like, because just to get an idea, a beer there costs about 6 dollars plus tax, with 5 beers, we were in profit. There are several types of packages, for all tastes and budgets.

In the late afternoon we set sail from Santos.

In the late afternoon we set sail from Santos


After having sailed from the port of Santos, we were playing golf, I had a mini golf course.

 play golf

In the late afternoon we went to the room which was already released, to see if the bags you had arrived and showering to go to dinner, We got in the room and we had four suitcases, missing a suitcase, we went to the front desk to see where the suitcase, this case had been held with a bunch of bags of other passengers. We went to see the reason and they kept it in the bag, had two knives Swiss type I was taking, this kind of item can not be carried on the ship, I just took it was with our change and was held until landing in Barcelona, items such as iron, knives, penknives, scissors and other items are retained by the ship.

After that we decided that, we went to our cabin, which was an outer cabin with window, without terrace.

Cruise quarter

night cruise pool

Closing the day we went to dinner, dinner had two restaurants one a la carte and one buffet, almost always we have been at dinner a la carte, the dinners had other special restaurants (we pay part) we were on other days, then we spent on the ship and drinking beer in the main hall and bar at the bar next to the casino, where we spent to see the playing staff, reserve 40 Dollars, for us to play at the casino, but it was not that day we played.

Cruise Casino

2DAY, we arrived at the Rio de Janeiro in the morning, there entered more people on the ship, and who was already there, like us, we could make trips to Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro Christ the Redeemer

The ship had various types ride to Rio de Janeiro, us 8 types, we thought about making the tour passing by the Sugar Loaf Mountain and the Christ the Redeemer, but the ride was very expensive, us 100 per person, and as the two already knew Rio, revolve not make any ride, You have people who make trips on their own. When the town is small, I think even worth, but when the city is great think risky, because the ship did not expect to return.

Rio Niteroi bridge

As we were on the ship took advantage of the pool, the pool bar, during the cruise to Europe We stayed many days at the pool and jacuzzi, torrando no sun, because we knew that when we were living in Dublin, the sun would not be very present in our lives.

cruise to Europe

The pool every afternoon, had a band playing live music and also some activities of the ship, as gymnastics and dance.

show at Cruise pool between Brazil and Europe

We had lunch at buffet and dinner in the restaurant a la carte, and we start thinking about getting the package for dinner in special restaurants, as would many days, was a restaurant specializing in Japanese food, the other in the meat Chopps Grill, and the third was a special dinner with wine tasting, explanations of the dishes, made for only 12 people.

Chopps Grill

Before dinner we see a typical dance show in Brazil, Cruise in theater.

Show on cruise

Every night, after dinner in the main hall had live band playing for passengers, most of whom were older and who were always dancing.

3DAY, navigation between Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, no stops, direct.


We take another day of pool and drink.

pool and drinks

The pool had the tender bellyful, pretty funny.

The night was a night of good captain coming in the main hall, with live music, presentation of the crew chiefs and a small show in the main hall, with people dancing in a chandelier that fell from the tenth floor to the hall.

 presentation of the crew chiefs and a small show in the main hall

night on the cruise

You can go greet the commander.

TurMundial on cruise gala evening

Then there was a special dinner at the restaurant a la carte.

Cruise Restaurant

4DAY, we arrived in Salvador(see the post on there) Bay of All Saints, there were also more people entering the ship.


The tours packages to Salvador was, city tour, beaches and other.

Salvador port

The Day Salvador It was beautiful and very hot.

As we spent the New Year's party 2013/2014 in Salvador, and we had gone there often, We decided to stay on the ship and enjoy another day of sun.

Bay of All Saints Salvador

In the late afternoon an hour before the vessel leaves of my Savior Hawaiian slipper broke the strip, almost every trip I do break, lose or steal my slippers, off I went off the ship to buy a slipper, because the ship was much too expensive, and Europe so not to talk, only I had 50 minutes before the ship set sail, Pri almost died of nervous about my exit because if the case came late, I would be back and you will have to go to the next stop to return to the ship, in which case only Tenerife.E to help my phone battery had finished, It has gone well, I went to the harbor and asked if he had any supermarket near, had two, only that neither of them had slippers, already returning to the ship, I realized that the port had a shop, I managed to buy a Hawaiian, only I was not my size and even bought a smaller, do what right, better to stay the rest of the trip without pay or 30 dollars on the ship.

The ship sailed on time and the setting of the sun, it was wonderful cloudless and stood at sea.

setting of the sun in Salvador


That day we had dinner in one of the special restaurants, we had booked the night before.

special restaurants

The restaurant was the Chef's Table, We had a wine tasting, made for only 12 people, with explanations about the wines we'd take, with explanations of how they were made the excellent comidas.Foi.

Restaurant was the Chef's Table

On this day we know some people, and know 2 very nice couples Sergio and Keila and Felipe and Cleine, we are friends today and made several tours together.

Restaurant was the Chef's Table

That day we played at the casino, the machine to overturn dollar bills.

In a few days the ship's stewards were animals dolls with bath towels, that day they did an anteater with my sunglasses and the TV remote control in mão.Quando got in the room, almost died laughing.

anteater with my sunglasses

5DAY, starts navigation 6 consecutive days before arriving in Tenerife.

before coming to Tenerife

With another day of glorious sunshine, to walk on the jogging track ship, this trip we tried to do gym (the gym the ship was very good, was next to the SPA , the heated pools and solarium), but we were in the gym in 4 first few days and then only we ended up doing the same walks and look there lol.

Atlantic Ocean

On that day again played mini golf, We made a league with our friends Rio.

At night we play roulette for the first time in life, and I gave a lot of luck, I started with 10 dollars and won 40, I could play all roulette nights, and as always 10 Dollars, She earned more than that kept and lost going away, He has to play a lot and at the end of every cruise, spent 20 dollars and won 80, profit 60 Dollars, I know that nothing is for real players, lol but I loved and enjoyed every day, Pri liked the video slot machines, but he did not win anything.

Here's Part II of the trip.

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