Curso gratuito de Catalão, onde fazer?

Free course of Catalan, where do?

September 28, 2016 3 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In the state of Catalonia, in cities like Barcelona, the local government encourages people to come, study or to live here study Calalão (Catalan).

So the government offers courses Free basic Catalan any person who is living in any town in Catalonia, so even the course is free. You only pay for the book that begins in 12 euros at the basic level 1 and then it goes up a little and reaches a maximum of 16 euros.

There are several places to see what the easiest place, when does the course begin, no site

We've done the module B1 (Basic 1) and now we are doing B2. Each module lasts around 2 months, when it is not intensive, the first made in July is the only month which has intensive and lasted a month, It was every day in the morning, when it is not intensive they are usually 2 a 3 times a week and has several times.

The two teachers who had and are having the course are excellent professionals.

Attention: For people who do not have European citizenship and want to apply for citizenship is required here in Catalonia make a Catalan course of 40hs, so the courses that we have many immigrants making, and then take the citizenship, other things we learned is also that to be a taxi driver here, is also mandatory to speak the basics of Catalan.

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