Depósito de água limpa do Motorhome

the clean water tank Motorhome

December 29, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You accompanying our blog know that we are doing a series of posts about Motorhome and today we will talk about clean water tank Motorhome.

All Motorhomes are small houses on wheels, in our houses fixed on the floor we have some equipment that not remember that there are, as the water tanks (water tank) and sewer pipes, these vehicles also has it all but a different version.

the clean water tank Motorhome

Which water tank capacity of clean Motorhome?

Motorhomes of water tanks can vary 60 l to 120 liters which is very little, have people with own vehicles that have extra water tanks thus reaching 200 liters or more, this limitation is because the total weight of the car that can not pass 3.500 kilos, more kilos drivers of these motorhomes are required to have a special driver's license, see the post on which the driver's license required to drive these vehicles.

How long is the clean water tank Motorhome?

A difficult question to answer, as will much of each water consumption, how to use and how many people are traveling.

I will give our example, home a day consume more or less 250 liters of water, this because we live in two in an apartment and we are not people who take bath times, we see that consumption in our water bill after we travel with motorhome, because until then we had no idea .

Typically has a water tank 120 liters, only then already you think you're missing water, but with that amount you can stay 2 a 3 days without resetting the water, hence the question of how to make it last, with actions to use very little water, to wash the dishes always keep the tap closed, just call in time to even rinse, the first bathroom gets wet, closes the water soaping and then again turn on the water, passes Shampu off water, then connects again and so on, in private to only use the number when making 2, pee you press the button just to the net down without water, with these small actions can already spend far less, we learned the hard way because in our first Motorhome travel over the water on the second day and the owner of the motorhome had said he had more than enough water for all 4 lol days.

Where and how to put water in the water tank clean the Motorhome?

In gas stations, especially in large and networks, because some small leave not put water because of the amount, It has an application called park4night showing the places where we can replace the water.

On the side of the Motorhome has a clean water inlet, there is posed water, the hose to connect to the faucet usually comes along with the motorhome, see it before leaving for the road as this is a key item.

So be careful with water consumption not to run out in the middle of the road or at a remote location. In motorhome we rented, then there is no water on the second day we'd monitoring to check on the water level, we suggest to those who do not have much experience as we do so not to be caught off guard.

To find the level of the water tank Motorhome?

All motorhome has a control panel which is marked the clean water tank level, which also has other alerts, as the level of electricity battery, the level of the water tank and dirty where we light the lights of the vehicle.

To find the deposit water level of the Motorhome?

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