Diferenças entre motorhome e trailer

Differences between motorhome and trailer

November 18, 2018 1 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You know how differentiating a motorhome or camper (as it is known in Spain) a trailer or caravan (as it is known in Spain)? After reading this post, you will have more knowledge of a very famous and common mode of travel in Europe, just to give you an idea, only Spain has more than 200 thousand people traveling this way.

We are planning a trip in motorhome, and so we are researching much about it, to enter this world of traveling with your own home on wheels, and here we share this knowledge acquired.

It is increasingly common to find a driver on European roads driving a motorhome or trailer. More and more people opt for this type of vehicle because, in addition to having the ability (as all vehicles) traveling great distances at the pace you choose, you can take your home on the back like a snail lol. Many people who have this type of vehicle usually prepare the cabin so that they can use it as a home with wheels to be able to travel far, this house on wheels you can have everything you have in a hotel or apartment.

Today we will talk about the differences between motorhome and trailer

The concept of a mobile home increases the curiosity of many people and, when it comes to buying or travel, always comes a big question: motorhome or trailer? The truth is that each has its pros and cons like everything in life, but our intention is to solve as many questions, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of both vehicles, so you can choose the vehicle that best suits your lifestyle and your needs.

Key strengths of the motorhome

A motorhome is a car that mainly differs from a trailer, in which it can be moved without the need for a vehicle to tow it, since it carries an engine like a van or a truck, It is all in one vehicle. With the motorhome you can travel on almost all roads in circulation and have the option to stay overnight in appropriate areas of service for motorhome and so, feel comfortable to rest, You may stop your vehicle and rest without problems. Another advantage of the motorhome is, no doubt, the ability to carry an extra trailer in case if you need to transport small vehicles, as motorcycles or bicycles, or extra baggage, if you practice any sport that requires transport equipment. In the case of trailer, you do not have this option, because the own trailer that is connected to the car.

Main strengths of a trailer

As previously discussed, the main difference between the trailer and a motorhome is that the trailer needs to be towed by another vehicle (a car) to transport it from one place to another. This can sometimes be annoying, because we have to rely on a second vehicle.

There are numerous places where you can spend a few days on vacation or simply relax. Most camping trailers offers, for a small fee, the possibility of parking entitled to electricity and water (sometimes even Internet) and also provides an infrastructure for lunch outdoors without paying extra. Trailers, as a rule, tend to have a cheaper price than motorhomes because, the dispensing mechanical components and the cabin, It gives rise to the same price you can buy a luxury trailer, but that does not cover the car's value.

Similarities between a motorhome and a trailer

Having explained the fundamental differences between a motorhome and a trailer, now we have to talk about the similarities between the two vehicles. The common part of both vehicles is, no doubt, the cabin where you will sleep, take a bath, cook and spend time while traveling. The fact that in terms of basic functions, we could say that they are already treated both vehicles usually have one or more beds for occupants, a kitchen to prepare food to taste and a living room to relax on the couch and full bath. Besides that, these vehicles have windows and skylights to vent the cabin to cook without smoke or enjoying the breeze on days of extreme heat (although these vehicles are well insulated against the cold and the heat).

Traveling in a motorhome or trailer

There are plenty of places where you can buy or rent a trailer or one motorhome, but you have to know how you will use it to make a good choice. Buy any of these vehicles have a high cost and, although, as previously discussed, the trailer is cheaper and you can find models for the same price of a used vehicle. There are also cheap motorhomes that are mounted on vans, but you have to go to old models it is necessary to have knowledge of maintenance and mechanics to not be constantly going through the workshop. Rent you can find traditional companies like motorhomes Camperdadi (Motorhome rental in Madrid) or applications and sites like Yescapa which is a car rental platform between individuals and the SocialCar to rent cars.

Which do we prefer between motorhome and trailer?

For practicality we prefer the motorhome

Plan your trip

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