Direitos dos passageiros das companhias aéreas em caso de cancelamentos e outros fatores

Rights of airline passengers in the event of cancellations and other factors

May 15, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Have you had a flight canceled by strikes, hurricanes, cancellations for lack of pilot or flight attendants and delays for different reasons or had luggage lost? This is a very common, if it happened to you, It must have happened to friends and family. For this reason today we will talk about the rights that airline passengers should know. These and other incidents are the worst travelers we nightmares when we need to catch a flight.

The European airlines must comply with a series of measures, in accordance with Regulation (THIS) 261/2014 on the Rights of Parliament Passengers, when certain adverse conditions occur, sometimes they follow the rules, but sometimes not. In this case, travelers do not know this standard and do not require any compensation because they do not know how to act.

For this reason, We prepare a list of the ten rights that every passenger has the canceled flight must know when flying with a European airline, standards in Brazil and the rest of the world are similar, then understand what is their right when it happens some of these scenario.

See the rights of airline passengers:

Flights of less than two hours delay

Right to information if the flight delay is at least two hours
The passenger must be informed of their rights with a leaflet, if the flight is delayed by two hours. Failure to deliver, travelers should request it. From this moment, the traveler should know what kind of compensation can be requested if the delay persists.

Flights delayed by more than two hours

Direito em caso de atrasos do voo superiores a duas horas.

In case of cancellation of flights, you can claim meal.
All passengers are entitled to assistance if the flight is delayed for two or more hours and the route in question is up to 1.500 km, if the delay is three hours in flight 1.500 km a 3.500 km or delay of four hours, flights of more than 3.500 km, with vouchers that can be redeemed for food and drinks at the airport. You should also have a free phone service, telex, Fax your e-mail.

In the event that the departure date is postponed to the next day, airlines should provide free hotel accommodation, food, transportation to and back and special attention to people with mobility problems.

Flights delayed by more than five hours

Direito ao reembolso em atraso do voo sendo superior a cinco horas. If a flight is delayed for more than five hours and the passenger decides not to travel, he shall be entitled to a full refund of the ticket at the price that was purchased. If this delay is on the flight back, the value will correspond to part or parts of the journey not made.

Once requested, This refund should be made within a maximum period of seven days, through a cash payment, by Bank transfer, check or through agreements with passenger travel vouchers or other services.

Right to compensation

A full refund is possible for all distances when the delay of five hours is exceeded. In the case of arrival delays at the final destination three hours or more, travelers can request an indemnity 250 a 600 euros, depending on the distance of your flight and its intra-community.

These offsets include delays of less than three hours in the early flights that generate lost connections and, consequently, delays of more than five hours on the arrival time at the final destination.

schedule change notice or day flight

Notifications 14 days in advance. Cada vez que compramos uma passagem aérea, the airline reserves the right to modify the schedules and even the airport of departure or destination, but if these changes are not reported, at least 14 days prior to departure, It is considered as a cancellation or denied boarding to what may be required to 600 euros.

Luggage arrived late

Compensation for delays in baggage, if you arrived at the final destination, but your suitcase and not babagem, the passenger will be entitled to reimbursement of costs that this disorder may have caused during the holidays, like buying clothes, personal hygiene items or other items needed to pass these days without your luggage.

In these cases, the user must save the invoice of purchase of the objects, clothing and attach them to present some of the irregularities in the airport baggage delivery counter with a period of up to 21 days of receipt of the same.

lost luggage

Compensation for lost luggage, the bags are billed airline's responsibility, therefore, in case of loss (after 21 day loss), travelers are entitled to compensation. The liability limit is about 1.400 euros per passenger, unless a special declaration of value prior to check-in baggage, after payment of an additional fee.

If the bag is damaged or does not appear on the conveyor belt, travelers should head to the baggage claim desk and fill out a report.

If you want a compensation for damaged luggage, must send a letter to the airline within seven days of receipt of the damaged luggage.

It is important to keep the checked baggage safe.

Passengers with mobility problems

Right to care for passengers with mobility problems, in all European airports, there is a service for passengers with reduced mobility, You may get assistance during their air travel, both on aircraft and in airports, and may have a support person able to facilitate your downloads and needs during your stay at the airport, as well as the use of items such as wheelchairs or walkers, no cost or additional charges.

The application must be soliticado the airlines with at least 48 hours in advance.

Pregnant women can fly to 32 week of pregnancy without a medical certificate

Airlines recommend not fly if you have more than 32 weeks of gestation. In any case, State Aviation Safety Agency recommend consulting with the airline, since it is possible that the pregnant passenger must sign a waiver exempting the company from such liability in case of any event arising from their status.

At the same time, some companies require a medical certificate attesting that can travel if the passenger exceeds 32 weeks of gestation.

Ticketing and charging up 45 minutes before departure

It is recommended that passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours in advance, in order to have enough time to check in and pass security checks. but usually, the maximum time for check-in and formalization of the ticket is 45 minutes prior to flight departure.

If you come under 45 minutes, the airline only invoice and issuing the ticket in case your counter is still open.

It should be noted that each airline has its own rules, so it is advisable to review your billing policy before flight.

We hope that this text will help to solve your problem, in Europe, often occurring these problems, already in flight output has companies offering their services for you to have your rights, the service is only paid if the company that you hired win the lawsuit.

Source: newspaper La Vanguardia

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