Dirigir carro na mão inglesa na Irlanda, Irlanda do Norte e Malta

Driving car in the English hand in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Malta

October 30, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

We thought almost impossible to drive the English hand, until we moved to Dublin, Ireland and decided to make a trip that we would need to drive for, We would stop at several places, and so we went to the Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland.

So We rented the car for the site rentcars in advance and at last the great day of driving in the dreaded English hand reached, when we entered the car everything was already different from what we were used, because the passenger is in the driver's seat and the driver in place of the passenger lol, and then you have to start the car and go with him to the garage right lol, in the beginning it is very strange, but then gets better, because the exchange nothing changes, taking the part you obviously have to change gears with your left hand, on Irish roads has many roundabouts, but even many, what confuses you a lot too, of course, everything is the opposite side that we Brazilians are accustomed, but we were well, this first trip traveled over 1000 km in 3 days and it was all great, We had no problem, only one day we were already tired because it was night, em Belfast, na northern Ireland, we were coming out of a grocery store and almost entered against, but a bus was coming and he honked so much that has changed at the same time, they must be accustomed to tourists make it too, still well rs.

But after this first experience, rented car more 2 times in the English hand and also gave it right, na Ireland another time, where we were to Galway know the drives Cliffs of Moher and then Malta for more 8 days, I think this was increasingly difficult because the roads in Malta are not very good as in Ireland, many are dirt, stones and especially going to some more distant beaches, They are sooooo narrow, barely fits a car, and besides all this it is 2 hands!! But in the end it was all quiet was well worth it too, because we could not get in as many places as we if we were by car.

Then do as we, lose their fear, take your time and attention you get to drive too and know many places that would not come if no car.

Estrada que leva os Cliff of Moher

no special driver's license is not required, if you are in the country for up to tourism 90 days, when we live in Dublin we had our international driver's license (see how to do here) which lasts until the date of expiration of the Brazilian CNH, and now that we live in Barcelona, Spain made our Spanish driver's license valid for 10 years (see how to do here).

Estrada que ficou famosa por ser cenário de Game of Thrones

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