Dirigir uma moto de neve na Lapônia Finlandesa

Driving a snowmobile in Lapland Finland

February 20, 2019 2 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Driving a motorcycle snow by frozen rivers and lakes in Lapland Finland, We had never thinking of doing something, but in our planning for the trip by Finland we saw that this tour was one of the main tourist attractions in Ivalo, so we decided to do.

We had already seen a snowmobile tours in some ski resorts in Spain (Panticosa) is yes France (Font Romeu) since then we started thinking about making a day and this year we.

We decided to go to Ivalo the northern end of Finland, in the region known as Lapland, see Aurora Borealis, we had tried to see the Iceland, but we had no luck, Ivalo until we saw only very weak, only so much that was captured by the camera, But that's a topic for another post. As the Aurora Borealis can only be seen at night, during the day we went after things to do and decided to do two tours, one was a snowmobile or Snowmobile (in English) and the other was the Ice Fishing it is the fishery on a frozen lake, one that has to make a hole in the ice equal to the design of the woodpecker lol.

How Fishing on a frozen lake in Lapland Finland?

The snowmobile ride we did with the company Ivalo Safaris, We love their service and super recommend, the ride lasts 5 hours, and includes lunch in a hut on the shores of Lake Inari, complete clothes not to go cold, they offer snow clothes, boots, gloves, cap and helmet and teaching how to drive snowmobile it is easy to drive, you just need to have a valid category B CNH.

Ivalo Safaris

The agency's staff took us in the hotel we were staying in the Ivalo Näverniemi Holiday Center, one of the best hotels in the area and one that you could see the Aurora Borealis, they are facing the river Ivalo, are 2km from the city center, but back to the tour, they take you first to change clothes and then already took the snowmobiles that are on the frozen river.

Earlier we drove very slowly to snowmobile up to a 40 km / h, but in the back of the tour we were already driving more than 70Km / h, some go up to 160km / h.


The tour was fantastic, the snowmobile is very enjoyable to drive, It is like a quad bike only on snow and skis instead of wheels lol, We drove over 3 hours, 1 hour and a half to go to the cabin where we had lunch and more 1 hour and a half to return, you can rent a snowmobile for two people or one for each person, we took 1 bike for two people, because Pri thought might have fear of driving, but she ran a much loved and, I ended up driving a little more.

The tour is the route by the river Ivalo and then by the lake Inari, the two are frozen from November to April.

Lapland Finnish Lapland Snow Moto

In addition to the tour we have been wonderful lunch was also, a delicious soup with vegetables and reindeer meat, which is one of the dishes of Finland.

If you never thought of driving a snowmobile, should think again, it is very fun and cool, We love.

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