Dubai – A incrível cidade construída pelo Sheik

Dubai - The amazing city built by Sheik

October 9, 2014 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Dubai is one of the UAE cities (others are Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Ras al-Khaimah e Fujairah) It is located on the Persian Gulf coast, is the most populous emirate is also famous, It became famous because of megs made constructions Sheik of Dubai (Mohammed bin Rashid Maktoum) with the oil money, Dubai today earn much more money with tourism and business real estate and financial sectors than oil which roughly corresponds only 4%.

When we decided to go to Dubai, we thought it would be a normal trip and would also use scale to other countries (Singapore, Indonesia e Thailand) we would go, only that this city is impressive, It is one of the more like we were in the world, no wonder they say that is the Disney of adults, It has many attractions, lights is amazing.

dubai historia

For those who enjoy shopping and strolling in malls, Dubai has huge malls, but make no mistake the things that are too expensive, almost the same price in Brazil, Malls are the main:

Dubai Mall that besides being great also has a huge aquarium inside, besides being in the same complex that has the world's building the Burj Khalifa with 828 meters, there is also the source Luminosa, on the outside (also known as magic fountain and fountain lights lights), There are several restaurants around the fountain is a great place for dinner and see the show, this time do not talk about drinking some alcoholic thing because there are many places there is no alcohol, because of their religion to Muslim.
Mall of the Emirates, is also giant and also has an aquarium inside, Moreover this has the largest indoor ski resort in the world, a Dubai Ski.

For those who like architecture there is all modern and also Arab and old buildings.

cidade Dubai fotos

For adventurers have Desert Safari, the water parks, the ski station inside the mall, and dives with dolphins, sharks and stingrays.

Dubai - The amazing city built by Sheik

It has something for everyone.

Care book your trip there, never check for the month of Ramadan, because the city gets all different, restaurants close because it is forbidden to eat in the street or eating in front of other people to the sunset, Women are forbidden to walk down the street without being covered entire, literally to the entire head, Among other things, we were lucky not to arrange the trip that date, because we did not know that, we left 4 days before Ramadan, who told this to us was a Spanish who was living and working in a hotel chain there.

Sheik de Dubai

Another thing we have to think too much, there is that everything is expensive, hotels, restaurants, tours, shopping, the only cheap thing there, It is the taxi, still well, because you walk a lot of taxi and need, it has air conditioning and there you can not do without air conditioning or by 5 minutes, it is far, but far, from our hotel to the Burj Al Arab (most famous hotel there, 7 stars, which has sailing) they were 40 minutes, without any traffic and our hotel was very well located. There were times that we walked almost 40 kms by taxi to get somewhere.


There is the possibility of walking in the city, you will melt heat and like I said it's all very far.

Dubai Aquarium

Getting in Dubai Only plane, or those in Abu Dhabi can go by bus which takes about one hour.

Comer It has many varieties, It has all kinds of food, almost Sao Paulo lol.

"We had lunch" in Burj al Arab, excellent restaurant that is on top of the Burj Al Arab, It was actually a brunch, but it was so expensive that we did lunch (I turn to 900 real the couple), You need to book in advance, we reserve 3 months before, but you do not enter the hotel without reservation, the food is normal and has many sweet, but the view from the restaurant is amazing and is also one of the ways to get to visit the hotel and have to go it is one of the most famous sights of the city and the first hotel 7 World Stars, very worth it, ah I forgot to talk tidy need to go, Men's shirt (even with the heat, but it has air conditioning, as all you have there) and women with a strapless neckline, Knee-.

Getting in Dubai

Burj al Arab

We were in a bar we can drink beer, It was within the Madinat Jumeirah complex, a wonderful complex, we were at this bar after gondola sightseeing in the channel which has the complex, very good, vale a pena.

Madinat Jumeirah

We ate dinner in a restaurant in front of Enlightened source, the food was excellent and a good price for the standards of Dubai.

Enlightened source

No Desert safari, the tour we chose had included dinner and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), in the desert and with belly dancing that as in some other parts of the world the main dancer was Brazilian (na Cappadocia also it was). Here's the site where we bought the tickets.

Desert safari

TurMundial not Deserto Dubai

Where to stay You have many hotel options, the variety is huge and ranges from cheap and crummy hotel to the largest hotels in the world.

We chose a hotel with the intermediate Ramada Jumeirah a good location, only that it is still very expensive and we had to pay 50% before going, the hotel has no wi fi free, the day wi fi cost 60 reais per cell, obviously we give up, the whole town is kind of hard to have wi fi.

Things to Do in Dubai and what are the main attractions of Dubai.

Ride to Abu Dhabi, We leave to speak in another post, It has a lot of history to this.

Safari in Dubai Desert, wonderful, super recommend, see the post and video that we ride;

Things to Do in Dubai and what are the main attractions of Dubai

Things to Do in Dubai

What are the main attractions of Dubai

Safari in Dubai Desert

Burj al Arab, seven-star hotel , It is the main postcard of the city, the hotel is very luxurious, staying there for us mere mortals is too expensive, the only way to know the hotel is to book some dinner, lunch, breakfast at one of the restaurants, We chose the Sky View Bar, the restaurant is at the top of the hotel, there you have a wonderful view, We reserve a brunch at lunchtime, economizarmos for one meal lol, there you see the Islands in Dubai which are island in the world, the palm tree island and beaches, (but I'll be honest, no you can see perfectly) the price is very expensive (more or less 152 euros by people, wants to know this wonderful hotel, buy advance ticket) but very worth it;

Burj al Arab

Priscila Christian Gutierrez Gutierrez and not Burj al Arab

ilha em Dubai

Burj Khalifa, the world's largest building with 828 meters high, the track is lit all night, there is a gazebo that you can visit, It is on the 124th floor, the elevator takes 1 minute to climb, up covers the ears because of the pressure, the view from there is wonderful and even choose a time 18h it was to see the sunset from there, no words to express how was, buy a ticket for their site in advance, because time is much more expensive and runs the risk of not having. Ali has a beautiful view to Photos of Dubai. Your tickets to see this wonder.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Light source, show that the source is, has ilumunadas waters and also dance to the sound of great music, we saw 3 of both shows we like ( They take place every evening from 20 hours, range with 30 minutes) which was recorded with the Thriller music of Michael Jackson, was too. We saw a video of the New Year in Dubai this place, my God!! How beautiful, I will go there just to see this burning live fires (but it will take a while).

Light source

Light source

Island Palm Tree, is the famous island that was built at sea, the island is huge with many houses condos, Residential buildings, several hotels and even subway. A friend of mine said it was hard to get there, but it is very simple, you can go by taxi, subway and even those tour buses the Hop on Hop off;

Island Palm Tree

island World (this is not yet ready);

Aquaventure Dubai (Water Hotel Atlantis Park), this was the park we chose to go is very cool and very beautiful it has several water slides (in some you will alone, others you go with a float for two and others to 8 people), It has a private beach, also has diving with dolphins (is too expensive, not done), hard there is to stay in the sun in Dubai, We took temperatures 42 degrees with thermal sensation 48, its too hot. Another thing that exists in the complex is an aquarium, if you buy a ticket to the water park you win the aquarium which is very beautiful;

Aquaventure Dubai (Water Hotel Atlantis Park)

Aquaventure Dubai

Water Hotel Atlantis Park

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai (Hotel Jumeirah Beach Water Park), this park we were not;

Dubai Creek, is a channel that divides the city in half, the left side is the gold district (Gold Souk);

Dubai Creek

Dubai Creek

Jumeirah Beach, It is the main beach in Dubai and how everything there is beautiful, the beach is also, Water is crystalline, but only went there to take pictures, we were not on the beach;

Jumeirah Beach

Grand Mosque, It is the only one that can get people from other religions;

Grand Mosque

Dubai Zoo;

Marina Dubai, It is an upscale neighborhood on the right side of Palm Island, there has beach, hotels and great restaurants;

Marina Dubai

Madinat Jumeirah, It is a complex that mimics an Arab city, It is formed by Souk Jumeirah, It is an alternative shopping, quite different from the other, with bars, restaurants, shops and a beautiful artificial canal, that channel can make a lovely gondola ride, It costs around 70 real per person and lasts for a 20 minutes. I read some reports saying it is difficult to enter the neighborhood, just did not happen none of us, We got there at Souk and did the gondola ride in greater peace and then we went to a bar as said above, overlooking the Burj Al Arab and found that it does a little show of lights at night also, very legal..E beyond Souk complex also has private beach and luxury hotels.

Madinat Jumeirah

Madinat Jumeirah

A Dubai curiosity is not a country as many think, therefore, no Dubai is not the capital of the United Arab Emirates, the capital is Abu Dhabi.

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