Dubin – Welcome

Dubin – Welcome

March 24, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

This post will tell the earliest days of our arrival in Dublin, We will write other posts about the city and how it is to live here.

We moved to Dublin, no day 12/05/2015, we came here after leaving Brazil on a cruise that makes Brazil-Europe (leaving Santos, stopping in Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, crossing the island of Fernando de Noronha and Cape Verde, stopping at Tenerife e Málaga Spain and arriving in Barcelona), it is incredible, (see the post here) We stayed in Barcelona for a week to request some documents there, then we caught a flight and arrived at last in Dublin.

We moved to Dublin

Why we choose Ireland and not another country to study English? We made a round, We had the following options: USA (Orlando or Miami), Glen (Montreal or Quebec), England (London), Australia (We did not have a defined city), New Zealand (also we did not have a chosen city) and the Ireland (Dublin), then the choice would have found another option that would Malta.

Why we choose Ireland

As I said we were eliminating countries, Australia and New Zealand, They are very far from Brazil, It is difficult to talk to family and friends because of the time, and return to Brazil in an emergency would be difficult, Glen, why not go there was the cold, it's really cold there, US would be eternally immigrants and could not legally work, England has a lot that we like there and would not be because immigrants have Spanish passport, and could legally work in any job, be in Europe a place we love, but the problem is the cost of living, is too expensive, especially in the first months that we would not work, so with that Dublin gathered many positive sides, It is in Europe, We can work full-time (even for those who do not have citizenship, Dublin student can work 20h and 40h when studying when not studying, but now the law has restricted some periods), It is not so far from Brazil, It is not as expensive as England, so the choice was made, maybe if we knew before in Malta speaks English, we would be in doubt, for there the weather is much better than Dublin and has beautiful beaches that is another thing that adoramos.E one of the reasons we came here was to learn English.

On arrival in Dublin, we were staying in an apartment we rented on site Airbnb, We rent for a week, to have time to look for a fixed place, this demand is very difficult here, there are not many houses / apartments for rent (sites for rent here are Daft and city facebook groups) and some bureaucracies (for example in some places only rent for those working and with another reference you've already rented, but if you just get, as you will have it all?), in a week we visited over 15 houses / apartments, like some others were horrible, some did not want us because we asked that we should be recorded by the PRTB,(It is a regulator of the Irish rents) this document was necessary for Pri able to request a residence visa and work, o Stamp 4 (wrote one post about how to apply for Stamp 4, look here), We were accepted at a 3 apartments, the first we visited accepted us,but we were afraid of not being a good place because we had not seen anything yet, after I was accepted into one that was in Dublin 6 ( here neighborhoods has numbering Dublin 1, Dublin 2 to Dublin 24 I think, the pairs are on the right side of the River Liffey and the odd are left, the pairs are the most affluent neighborhoods), which is a bit far from downtown about 40 minutes walking, this stage of the game we are almost at the end of the week we had rented the house Airbnb and we had not rented anything (we've been seeing with the Airbnb apartment owner if we could stay there longer), It was when we visited two apartments one in Dublin 2 and another in Dublin 1, on the same day, both accepted in, more like Dublin 1, well located and not have to spend money on public transport, would to do everything on foot, Here transportation is kind of expensive, to have a month bus pass is spent 80 euros, with student card, for us 2 would 160 euros, so we save it, Another thing that happens at the time you are looking for apartment that has a lot of people also looking for, often I had to queue of people to see the site, and many already took money to book (this reserve, turns one month security deposit that everyone asks here), when we arrived at Dublin apartment 1, had we only had people waiting, wait for a while the person who would show the apartment, love the apartment was great had everything we wanted and the landlord could do the PRTB, We not think too much and talk to the person who wanted to stay with the apartment and she says it's OK, only we would have to make a deposit at the time we talk ok, we would take the money and go back 10 minutes finally everything worked out, this moment of happiness to the Pri embraced the broker who was unresponsive, because here they do not have the custom to embrace a stranger, but phew!! Following the path of knowing 15 places, finally we got a house to live.

Dublin Irlanda

During this period the demand of the apartment also had other things to do, around the city, take a Guiness, go to school to settle the details of the start of the course.

Speaking of the English course, we do not close with any agency, Direct close to the school, but rather we seek agencies, We talked to people who had once lived here or who were still living, We began to participate in group discussions on facebook (It has several groups, the most active are the groups “Classifieds Dublin” It has about three groups with the same name, Follow the link, group 1, group 2 e group 3), have very, but be wary of school choice, as they occurred in 2014 e 2015 the closure of many schools, for not complying with the legislation of the country, many Brazilians were no school and no money, many had to go back to home country, others had to buy another course, some have had problems with immigration because of school closure, not to take the risk to see if the school you are watching is recorded in educational bodies, Talk to people who took the course there, see if the school is known.

We did the course in That, like the course and school, like any other school has the positive and negative, here in Dublin has a lot Brazilian, then you will discuss with Brazilian, I by 3 months I was in a room only Brazilians others 3 classe months was divided between Mexican, South Korean and Malaysian, Pri was unlike, earlier I had foreigners in class, then got only Brazilian, it happens in any school some more some less, the study depends more on you. We know people who have studied in Delfin and on SHE and well spoken also.

English course in Ireland

Another thing, make a good travel insurance, this can save you at a time that we need to GTA, whenever we need, we were very well attended.

Living in Dublin

Talking about Dublin, remembering that we write other posts about the city and about our experiences.


The city is very cool, It has several parks, pubs then it is not lacking here, everywhere has a, the most famous point of pubs is the temple bar area, where is the most famous bar in town, that has the same name Temple Bar, as fears pubs pint (pint of beer) cost 7 euros and others that can go out 3 euros, but the average is 5 euros, many have live music and not pay to enter.



It has some ballads, so we can not talk much, it is not much to our beach, we were in Dicey's Garden, (very popular with Brazilians) but the most famous is the Wright Avenue.

Wright Avenue

The city has some beaches, gives to go a few days of summer, we like to within the city were the Portmarnock and Bull Island, but has also out of town and you are more beautiful, see the post about Bray beach town to one bounces back.

Portmarnock e Bull Island

As in all cities of Europe, Dublin also has many churches, the most beautiful are: Cathedral and St. Patrick (St Patrick).

Portmarnock e Bull Island

Museums to visit: It has the Dublin Castle, prison Kilmainham Gaol, these two you can go without pay on the first Wednesday of the month (is only free these days) because, arrive early, especially in summer, other museums are Dublinia and the Library The Book of Kells, there Harry Potter movie scenes were filmed.

Dublin Castle

In this first months like to live in the city, not only enjoyed the cloudy, Rainy and cold, and this makes good long winter, That took many days of sunshine.

Dublin Castle

See the post on Bono U2 singer singing on the street in Dublin.

Bono U2 singer singing on the street in Dublin

Soon we will write more about Dublin, divide in:

Irlanda Dublin

Tours rolling do from Dublin, doing bounces back.

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