Dublin – Bono canta na rua no natal

Dublin – Bono sings the streets at Christmas

February 12, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Since we arrived in Dublin to live, Bono Vox knew or , U2 singer plays all year on the street, more precisely in Grafton Street and always on Christmas week, between the days 22 e 24.

Near these days were an eye on facebook, to see if he had any more precise information that would be day and what time.

The days 22 e 23 They passed and nothing Bono singing on the street, You would only have the option of day 24, we have seen in some groups that he would sing ace 20hs, or to 17hs to 19hs rsrsrs, the guys just speculating.

We decided to go to Grafton Street after lunch near the 16hs we were there, They had several people singing, choir singing also had, only near the Disney store, there were Irish singers and audience a little higher than in other attractions, so we decided to stay over there even for a while, to see if all of a sudden would be the place he would sing.

Bono Vox U"
The musicians who were there, They started playing a very small stage set up at that time and the number of people only added, it was at this time that we think it really sing here.

He spent a few more minutes and between songs being played, already heard about the Bono sing in a few minutes and said and done, the guy came out of nowhere, around 17h.

The audience was super quiet, everyone respecting and Bono gave hi to guys and began to sing three songs were, It was very cool and different, a dream come true, that we had gone to the U2 concert here in Dublin in November.

Here are the videos we recorded.