Dublin – Curiosidades na vida em Dublin

Dublin – Curiosities in life in Dublin

April 1, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

We are living here for almost 11 months and have some curiosities, some even funny life in Dublin, we would like to share with you:

  1. The buses do not accept cash note, only coins and they do not return the change, they give you a ticket to go to the central bus get your change, super room lol;
  2. The Irish and residents often thank the driver, when off the bus;
  3. To have a television in your home, even if it is broken, you have to pay an annual license 160 euros per year, this right here is fee to have the TV, in the garage of our building, must be over 5 TVs played there, I do not know if they played because they are broken or do not want to pay more this rate, for if the tax goes in your home and you do not have the fine to leave it is a thousand euros and the second fine 2 a thousand euros!!!;
  4. There are no open TV channels, You have to hire cable TV, for these reasons, many foreign students and even Irish, It has no TV at home;
  5. In many homes and apartments before bathing has to turn on the boiler (water heater), in our house the boiler, automatically turns, but only of a person to take a bath, if someone else is taking then in bath, You have to call, with it we have to turn on and off the boiler every day, in the homes of several friends our, people have to wait until 1pm to take hot bath, thinks, you get to the street, crazy in Dublin friozão to take a hot shower, and you have to wait 1h for it;
  6. To have dog or cat, also you have to pay a license, I do not know the value but I know it is not cheap;
  7. Bono Vox (U2 lead singer), sings some songs on Christmas Eve every year in the middle of the street, no stage, unglamorous, see the post and the video of him singing;
  8. The Irish love, eat potatoes with vinegar, the supermarket potato chips almost everyone has vinegar, the first time we eat we do not believe it, we detest and the chips they also put vinegar, By the;
  9. The switch to turn on the bathroom light is outside of the bathroom;
  10. The bathroom has no power outlet in, then to dry hair, shaving with electric shaver have to go to another room in the house, nothing weird lol;
  11. All homes must have fire alarm, and it is quite common alarm is triggered by the smoke of someone making food, here in our building has a shot 10 times, the first time quite scared, now accustomed, the day happen even, but I hope not, we will die roasted, because not bother lnos more lol;
  12. At home is required to have a business called fire blanket, which is a type of blanket that helps put out fires;
  13. There are no snakes in Ireland, according to legend, St. Patrick eliminated all of them on the island;
  14. They say 'sorry' all the time, even when the 'sorry' does not make any sense, or when the wrong is you.

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