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Dublin – churches

April 4, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Dublin like any other European city has many churches, Here in this post I will talk specifically 4 churches, that are:

1 St. Patrick (St. Patrick), the main church of Dublin and Ireland, St. Patrick is the patron on Ireland, in the legends he stunned the nation snakes and evangelized the Irish using a three leaf clover, today one of the Irish symbols is that clover and green color that is also widely used by Irish, it also called the island of Ireland and the Emerald is in the country's flag, also comes from the stories of St. Patrick, because of the green shamrock three leaf.

St. Patrick

Catedral de St. Patrick

founded in 1.191 in honor of the Holy, is the most beautiful church in Dublin, the church is already beautiful, with adjoining garden, It is even more beautiful. Inside she is also very beautiful.

San Patricio

Church of San Patricio

San Patricio Cathedral

You need to pay to enter 6 euros, or if you are living here, You can go in Dublin Cultural Day which is free, a row rolls, but worth it.

San Patricio

2 Christ Church Cathedral (Holy Trinity Cathedral), It was constructed in 1.038, the Viking king of Ireland, the Cathedral is next to the museum of Dublinia, they are connected by an old footbridge over a street.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

Both outside and inside is very beautiful.

Christ Church Cathedral

There are many festivals in the church garden.

Holy Trinity Cathedral

You need to pay to enter the cathedral, 6 euro also, or this also in Dublin Cultural Day admission is free.

Ireland Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Dublin Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

Holy Trinity Cathedral

Holy Trinity Cathedral

3 The Church (The Church), this church today is no longer church, It is a Bar, Restaurant and Ballad, It is on the list because I had never imagined that a church could become a Bar, this has in Brazil, at least that I know, but in some places in Europe, as UK, na Holland and here it is normal to have a church turned into commercial establishment.

The Church

We spent New Year's Eve at a party in this place, was fun, great choice for New Year's Eve in Dublin, because in Ireland the new year is not a legal soooo party.

The Church Bar

And at the time it was church, o Arthur Guinness, founder of the Guinness brewery, He married there.

4 St. Saviour’s Priory, this church is on the list, not by being beautiful or being old, it is one of the few Catholic churches Dublin, which is open all the time and not have to pay to get, what happens in many other, so it's a good church if you want to pray or go to a Mass, if I'm not mistaken you have masses in Spanish.

St. Saviour's Priory

There are other churches, but for us these are the main and easier access, near the center.

Dublin Irlanda

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