Dublin – Museus

Dublin – Museums

April 13, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Dublin like many cities in Europe has many museums are some very good and others not so much, follow our list of the main museums in Dublin.

Biblioteca The Book of Kells
The Library is within the Trinity College, there the film Harry Poter scenes were filmed.

Biblioteca The Book of Kells

The main attraction of the Library is the Book of Kells (Book of Kells), also known as the Great Gospel of St. Columba, is illustrated manuscript with ornamental motifs, made by Celtic monks around the year 800 AD in the style known as insular art.

main attraction of the Library is the Book of Kells

Museums Dublin

In the where is the book, It has an exhibition that tells how they were made and written the old books, very interesting this part.

At the top is the pretilerias with several books, very old idea, space is gorgeous gorgeous.

The Book of Kells

It is worthwhile to take the tour, admission is paid, if you buy online (site to buy the ticket) pay row, because the summer has giant queues to visit the Library.

The Book of Kells

Probably the museum several visiting Dublin.


Dublinia is a museum that is a historical recreation (or life story) in Dublin, Ireland, focusing on the Viking and medieval history of the city.

Dublinia Museum

Dublinia is located in a part of Christ Church Cathedral, in Dublin.


There you can wear armor of the Viking epoch.

In the cultural week in Dublin, visitation is free.

Dublin Castle
Dublin Castle is the eighteenth century, located in the Dublin neighborhood 2, well near the Templaer Bar area.

Dublin Castle

The Castle was used in the governments of Ireland and England, Today we turn a museum.

Dublin Castle

The visit is free worth, as close to other castle in Europe or even in Ireland falls short.

Dublin Castle

Every first Wednesday of each month entry and grace, But come mid-morning to get the ticket.

Dublin Castle

Kilmainham jail
inaugurated in 1796, this jail was home to most of the key personalities involved in the fight for Irish independence.

Kilmainham jail

In 1916, grupos do Irish Volunteers (Irish volunteers) e do Irish Citizen Army (Irish army citizens) GPO took account (General Post Office - Mail of O'Connell Street, which we mentioned here) and a few more strategic buildings in Dublin and declared independence from the United Kingdom. They resisted for about a week before surrender. Kilmainham Gaol was reopened to house hundreds of men and women who participated in the rise. Between the days 3 e 12 from May of 1916, 14 men were executed by firing squad in the outdoor area. There is even a monument in front of the prison is that these 14 men murdered and where took place the executions is marked today with a cross. Note that there is no bullet holes in the wall they put sandbags behind the condemned, which had a white paper at the heart level to facilitate the work of the Marines.

Kilmainham jail

Every first Wednesday of each month entry and grace, But come mid-morning to get the ticket, but the ticket is quite cheap 2 euros.

Prison Kilmainham Ireland

Some films have also used the prison as a backdrop.

Kilmainham jail

The other museums in the city that do not visit such as:

  • National Museum of Ireland – Decorative Arts and History;
  • National Gallery of Ireland;
  • National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology;
  • National Museum of Ireland – Natural History Museum

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