Economize 68 euros comprando o Barcelona City Pass

Save 68 Euro buying the Barcelona City Pass

August 16, 2021 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Find out what is, which includes, how much and worth buying the Barcelona City Pass, and much more…

Barcelona It is perhaps one of the most tourist towns of Spain is yes Europe, and this time we're going to talk about one of the biggest questions in planning a trip to this city:

The Barcelona City Pass worth?

Normally, the first time in a city and if you have little time to walk around it, the tourist cards They are a great way to save money and time. In person, we already use a lot on travel and we recommend.

for Barcelona, the use of the famous Barcelona Pass It can be an excellent option, for travelers to the city, click here to buy the ticket.

Very important, each traveler has different preferences; not everyone is looking for the same when visiting a new city; therefore, this card can not be useful for everyone.

Therefore, as we don't know your preferences for each trip, We try to explain objectively, which is, which includes, how it works and, no end, if it really works for you buy the Barcelona City Pass. Thus, you can make a decision to acquire or not the pass.

What is Barcelona Pass?

Barcelona Pass is a tourist card to be used exclusively in the city of Barcelona. Allows free entry to over 20 the city's best attractions, including museums, tours and monuments.

This pass can help you save time and money on your next visit. We will explain all the details below.

These include the Barcelona Pass?

When buying your Barcelona City Pass, you get free access to all attractions included in the pass (mentioned below), You will also have the option to buy (separately) a card for public transport around the city, but we will analyze it later.

Your Barcelona City Pass also includes the following:

free ticket in the bus tour the famous Hop on Hop off. Unlimited use of the bus to explore the city for a day.
Free guide with purchase your pass, you get a free city guide to perfectly plan what you want to visit.

Below, some of the major attractions included in the Barcelona Pass:

  • Tickets for the Sagrada Familia fast queue
  • Park Güell Fast Line Tickets
  • Enjoy a day or two with the Barcelona Hop On Hop Off Bus (more of 40 stops, includes free audio guide)
  • receive 20% off over 60 attractions (Camp Nou Experience, Casa Mila, Casa Batlló and much more!)
  • Transfer do aeroporto * included: Barcelona airport El Prat do ou do Girona Airport
  • all online – 100% cell phone! No need to print or pick up your tickets.
  • Audio Guide App: Download the Barcelona Audio Guide to your mobile. Available in eight languages.

If you want to see a Barcelona guide, you can read: What to see in Barcelona 2 days?

Attractions including the Barcelona City Pass

We put in the order of highest to lowest popularity of attractions, that is, we'll put first the attractions that most people visit on their first trip to Barcelona.

Holy Family

The Sagrada Familia is the most famous monument of Barcelona characteristic. As the greatest exponent of modernist architecture designed by Gaudí, Thousands of tourists come every day to contemplate the curious temple, but unfinished, the work should end in 2026, and even unfinished worth much worth entering. And since almost everyone who comes to Barcelona visits the Sagrada Familia, it is very important to buy a ticket in advance and avoid lines or even not finding any more tickets..

Guell park

Park Güell is a huge garden with unique architectural elements., made by the unique architect Antoni Gaudí. It is on the top of the city and has become the most visited park in the city for its beauty and the incredible view of the city of Barcelona

Hop on Hop Off – Barcelona tourist bus

If it's your first time in Barcelona, I recommend that one of the first things to do is to make this tour. The bus will take you through the city, you will have a general explanation of the history and attractions.

This lets you know Barcelona, your story, distribution and, after the tour finished, you can choose your next stop. Get on this bus is a major advantage, Apart from routes 16 different languages.

Another advantage of this bus tour is that you can combine it with their access to Camp Nou, because the stadium is a bit far from the city and public transport journey can be a bit long, then you can say that “you kill two birds with one stone”, You visit the stadium while learning more about the city.

airport shuttle

It includes: Barcelona airport El Prat do ou do Girona Airport, the center of Barcelona.

Attractions with discount from 20% with Barcelona Pass

Get a discount 20% more than 60 attractions in Barcelona, below we talk about the main.

The stone (Casa Mila)

The architectural masterpiece of Gaudí in Barcelona, a UNESCO World Heritage building.

Here you can start your journey to meet Gaudí, in the attic of the house, you will find an interesting museum that explains a bit about the creative process of the artist and a model to understand their technical mirrors and chains hanging to create models.

Casa Batllo

This is another work of the famous architect Gaudi and his distinctive style. In person, we prefer more than Casa Mila, but both complement each other very well, and you have to visit the two.

During his visit to Barcelona, you will learn that Gaudí was inspired by nature to create their shapes and designs. An interesting feature of the visit to Casa Batllo is that it includes an audio guide with virtual reality animations, where you can appreciate exactly how these ideas fit together. The nature in architecture comes alive.

FC Barcelona (Camp Nou Experience)

This is one of the main attractions of Barcelona, both for fans and for those disinclined, is a visit to the stadium of Barcelona football club.

With Barcelona Pass, you can access the Camp Nou with 20% discount, start the visit by visiting a museum to learn about the history of the team and, then, the tour will pass through the stands of the stadium, banks substitutes on the court, tasters, by dressing, etc.

The visit is very complete and can take half a day, but if you're a fan of the club, it should definitely be on your list of things to see in Barcelona.

Top City Pass Tips

  • all online – 100% on your cell! You do not need to get your tickets.
  • application Audioguide: Download the Barcelona Audioguide on your phone. Available in 8 Languages.
  • You will receive an immediate confirmation of your purchase via email.
  • Get your saved electronic tickets on your mobile, without printing them
  • Tickets with quick access to the Sagrada Familia and Parc Guell, avoiding queues immense
  • Meet the city with more than 40 stops to see tourist attractions with the official Hop on Hop off bus – Tourist Bus
  • A code 20% discount for numerous attractions and additional excursions, as Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Camp-Nou-Experience, Hola transport card (It includes subway and bus) and much more!
  • Transportation to and from the El Prat airport in Barcelona or a round trip from Girona airport

Cost of Barcelona City Pass X Buy attractions separately

May reach the most important part of this article and certainly the one that most interests you: know if Barcelona City Pass really worth it or not.

To answer this question, we will do this through a comparative analysis between paying activities on their own (that is, pay the cost of each) or buy the Barcelona Pass and access your over 20 free activities.

although, end of article, Provide you several tips in particular to take advantage of their pass, you must understand that, to make any tourist walk, the best advice is well organize what you want to know according to the time you have.

Much of the charm of any city is to walk, give yourself time to meet you; in this case, you may be tempted to absolutely know the included attractions in Barcelona Pass to take advantage of it. However, do this is very difficult (especially if you have only a few days), because you end up running attraction in attraction, tired and not really like. That is the importance of planning ahead.

Thereby, I mean that you try to take as many attractions to take advantage of your card, but don't run.

Now, let's look at an example to explain in detail a real cost comparison and you can know it suits you or not buy the Barcelona Pass.

Suppose you plan to spend two days in Barcelona and want to visit some of the main attractions, but also have time to walk around the city, walk around and take pictures.

Considering you have two days and really want to make the most of your pass, try a route like the following:

On the first day, you can get a ride on the bus tour to learn more about the city and then visit the Sagrada Familia, Guell park, Museum of Contemporary Art, La Pedrera and Casa Batllo.

The next day would visit the Camp Nou, then continue to the Gothic Quarter and finish with a boat trip with Las Golondrinas.

The input to the 4 main attractions is from 80 euros and more discounts from other attractions:

  • Hop on Hop off: 27 Euros (with the free pass)
  • sacred Family: 20,50 Euros (with the free pass)
  • park Guell: 12,90 Euros (with the free pass)
  • Airport Taxi downtown: 30 Euros + Bad (with free pass with express bus service)
  • The stone: 22 Euros (to pass by 17,60 euros)
  • Casa Batllo: 24 Euros (to pass by 19,20 euros)
  • FC Barcelona Camp Nou: 26 Euros(to pass by 20,80 euros)
  • Total of 148 euro against 80 euros

With the Barcelona City Pass you will save 68 euros

Buy the ticket already here.

Plan your trip

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