O que fazer em Edimburgo?

Things to Do in Edinburgh?

July 15, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

What to speak of this wonderful city, Edinburgh won us over from the first minute we arrived in the city.

Edinburgh Scotland's capital, which belongs to the United Kingdom, in 2015 Scotland voted for separation from the UK but citizens, by a minimum difference, They decided not separate. It is located in the center of Scotland.

Edinburgh Scotland's capital

Edinburgh Scotland


We Scotland advantage for cheap passages having at Ryanair, between Dublin and Edinburgh, we 4 whole days (because we come early) It is long enough to know the city well, over time you can meet other cities, as Glasgow and stroll through the Highlands and Loch Ness, We were only in Edinburgh.


The accommodation in Edinburgh is not very expensive and depends on the season can be very expensive, we exchange the date we had thought about going to pay less, we were in a fabulous apartment hotel, It is between Edinburgh Castle and Holyrood House Palace, parallel the street Royal Mille linking the two sites, it's very good, his name is Holyrood Aparthotel.

Accommodation in Edinburgh

Things to Do in Edinburgh and what are the main attractions of Edinburgh.

On the first day we arrived early in the morning logo, we went to the hotel to leave your bags at reception, it was not yet time to check in.

Already out of the hotel we arrived at Canongate and cemetery very old Edinburgh and has many in the city, this place is visited in the night free walking tour, then I tell about this tour.

Things to Do in Edinburgh

What are the main attractions of Edinburgh

We were soon visit the Holyrood House Palace, but as it was before 9 hours and the Palace was closed, we were first in the Holyrood Park which is next, the park is very large with several trails to, in the park there are some ruins of churches and has what they call the King Arthur Throne, the Arthur's Seat which is nothing more than a mountain.

Holyrood House Palace

Holyrood House Palace

In the park you can see the top of the city with a very nice view.

In this same region is the new Parliament of Scotland.

Parliament of Scotland

Returning Park, had already given time to get to know the Palace of Holyrood House, the site is used today as the summer home of Queen Elizabeth 2, O ticket costs 12 euros, mind you the time to visit the Palace as when the Queen is there has visitation, the place is very beautiful, with lots of history, worth taking the audio guide is free and tells the whole history of the Palace and Scotland. Besides the Palace you can meet an old church, which is attached to the site and Gardens.

Palace of Holyrood House

Palace of Holyrood House

Palace of Holyrood House

Palace of Holyrood House

After the castle we went to eat at Mc Donalds not waste time, from there we went to one another park the Regent Gardens ou Carlton Hill which is also a mountain, very high, there also has a wonderful view of the city and has several monuments such as the Monument Scotland which looks like a Greek ruin.

Regent Gardens ou Carlton Hill

Monument Scotland

O Monument to Nelson which it is an ancient tower Nelson was an old Scottish Lord.

Monument to Nelson

It is also the monument there to Dugald Stewart.

That day the weather was not very good, so we went back there two days later, to seeing the amazing sunset, who stands next to the Edinburgh Castle.

Dugald Stewart

Edinburgh Castle

Castelo Edinburgh Scotland

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Just leaving the park we passed the old Scottish Parliament, which is right near the park.

After that we returned to the hotel, It was already late in the afternoon and we agreed very early and had visited all parts of the city we had scheduled to do, in our travels whenever possible know the entire city on foot and all that I have described was done on foot, Another thing we do is put on the mobile Google Maps every point we would like to know the cities visited so is easy to find and decide the best way, because Google Maps works only with GPS, provided you download the map in a wifi before leaving, every time we access the APP in the hotel wifi and let it load all the city map.

Scottish Parliament

On the second day we went to visit the old town, we started in The Royal Mille street that connects the Palace to the Castle, where many places to visit, this street has exactly one mile Scottish, about 1.6km.

The Royal Mille

Follows the Royal Mille towards Edinburgh Castle, we arrived at the The Real Mary King´s Close It is the ancient underground city of Edinburgh, this tour is paid and not done, as we had already known an underground city in Cappadocia, we decided not to go.

Almost opposite is one of the most beautiful cathedrals we already know the St Giles' Cathedral, It is very beautiful on the outside, but inside is even more beautiful, admission is free for those who do not want to take photo, for those who want to take have to pay around 3 pounds. The cathedral ceiling is all blue, as the flag of Scotland.

St Giles' Cathedral

St Giles' Cathedral

St Giles' Cathedral

After we passed the write Museum, that does not have pretty much anything.

From there we went to the National Museum of Scotland, we only know out.

We visited the cemetery and church Greyfriars Tolbooth & Highland Kirk, which is buried some famous people, but the story but is spoken in the region, is the dog Greyfriars Bobby's who is also buried in the cemetery and has a statue almost opposite the place.

Greyfriars Tolbooth & Highland Kir

Greyfriars Bobby was a dog race Skye Terrier, which became known in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the nineteenth century to have passed 14 years guarding the grave of its owner, until his own death in 14 January 1872. One year after the death of dog, Lady Burdett-Coutts had built a fountain and a statue in his honor. Many films and books have been based on the life of Bobby, including Greyfriars Bobby, belonged to John Gray, who worked for the Civil Police Edinburgh, as night watchman, and the two were inseparable for approximately two years. In 15 February 1858, Gray died of tuberculosis. It was buried in Greyfriars Kirkyard, the graveyard surrounding Greyfriars Kirk, a church in Old Edinburgh. It is said that Bobby, after the death of owner, He spent fourteen years at the side of his grave, living with food and water that the gardener of the cemetery gave him, until his death. Another more realistic version says that he spent most of the time at Gray's grave, leaving him just to eat at the restaurant next to the cemetery, and possibly passed the most severe winters in nearby houses. In 1867, when it was said that such a dog without an owner should be sacrificed, at a time when Edinburgh forbade unregistered dogs, Sir William Chambers, Edinburgh important authority and also a director of a company against cruelty on animals, He paid for the renewal of Bobby's license, placing it under the responsibility of the City Council. Bobby died in 1872, and it could not be buried within the cemetery, since it was a sacred place, so it was buried inside the church gates, a solo piece unconsecrated, a 70 meters from the grave of its owner.

Greyfriars Bobby

In addition to all this history in the cemetery the view one has of the Edinburgh Castle is wonderful.

Greyfriars Bobby

After that we went to Edinburgh Castle, going from one side of the castle to see him from afar so that we take better pictures, only we had to climb a staircase through big girl.

Edinburgh Castle

The town is dominated by Edinburgh Castle built on a rock of volcanic origin. The construction is of the ninth century, however, few of the current castle structures are this time, with the exception of the Chapel of Santa Margarida, the oldest surviving building in Edinburgh. Among its attractions are the Scottish Crown jewels: the crown, the Sword and Scepter are among the oldest in Europe, They are on display in the Crown Room. It is also the Stone of Destiny, the coronation seat of Scottish kings. An old tradition is that every day 1 o'clock has the cannon burst, this is to mark the correct time.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

The visit takes a 3 hours without being too detail-oriented, this is a must tour for anyone who goes there, costs 16 pounds, Castle is beautiful, It has a beautiful view of the city, inside it is also very interesting, was the strangest castle were, with many buildings to visit.

Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle

There is the War Museum, Museu da Royal Scots, the prison time, the castle church that the king lived and more.

Museu da Royal Scots

Museu da Royal Scots

Just leaving the Castle and returning to the Royal Mille, very close to the Castle is the The Scotch Whisky Experience it is a place to enjoy whiskey and learn the history of the drink, but it is quite expensive if I am not mistaken is 18 pounds per person.

In front is camera Obscura, we think not much worth knowing.

Below is a converted church in Coffee showroom.

Royal Mile

Next door gets a Scottish with Scottish costume and his bagpipes, We took a picture with her, and the funny thing is that everyone who has visited the site a picture with the same guy, it should stay there 24 lol.

Another day had just, only the night we went to the Free Walking Tour Night, which according to the posters would be to go through scary places Edinburgh, only it was not like that, We not enjoyed the ride and went off in the middle of it, had other tours paid, perhaps better than this, which was much more or less, but as it was free, or so we ball.

Free Walking Tour Night

Free Walking Tour Night Edimburgo

Edimburgo Free Walking Tour Night

Taking advantage of what was night, We went to see lit Edinburgh Castle, I was disappointed a little, I expect it to be a more impactful lighting, but it's still very beautiful.

lit Edinburgh Castle

On the third day we went to the party “new city” new in name only, because there is a part with many old buildings.

In this part we visited the Monument Scotland a building that appears through a skeleton, It has a gazebo in it, costs 6 pounds, but have to climb a 300 stairs and as I had seen the city from above from various places, We not climbed this.

Monument Scotland

Close by are the Royal Scottish Academy and the National Gallery, We went to visit the National Gallery, who pay nothing to enter and has beautiful works and sculptures, worth knowing.

Royal Scottish Academy

National Gallery

From there we went to the Princess Street Garden which is at the foot of the mountain that is Edinburgh Castle, we stood there waiting for the castle Cannon shooting ace 13h, for on the day we visited we did not hear shooting, because we 20 minutes late.

Garden you have a beautiful view of the Castle, We saw the castle from all angles rsrsrs.

Princess Street Garden


Edinburgh Castle

In the garden are also two churches Saint John´s and the The Parish Church of St Cuthbert, Saint John only can enter.

We spent the back on the streets George Street e Queen's Strict, that was the day we returned to the Carlton Hill to watch the amazing sunset.

Already the night went on Pub Frankenstein, there really cool, a great place to have a few pints, all named as the name implies, ao Frankenstein.

Pub Frankenstein

In the fourth is the last day we were in a part far from the city, to see the Royal Yacht Britannia, the royal yacht of the Royal Family, We do not enter, the value is around 15 pounds, must be interesting, to get there was the only time we use the bus, it is a bit of everything longinho, but the rest was all on foot, so much so that on the way back from there we return walk.

Royal Yacht Britannia

Finally Edinburgh is beautiful a place that enchanted us. Be sure to visit this city of wonder.

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