TransferWise o APP/site SEM TAXAS BANCÁRIAS, para enviar dinheiro para o exterior

TransferWise APP / site WITHOUT CHARGES BANK, to send money abroad

April 27, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You've heard of the site APP(app) TransferWise?We found out a few months ago and we are already in love, just do transfers for them now, this site is the cheapest, super safe and the best way to send money abroad, with the best exchange in our opinion.

As some know, We live in Barcelona, and occasionally we need to send or receive money from Brazil. We have used almost all of the ways to do this, via VTM (Visa Travel Money, that prepaid debit card) , Western Union and all of these have high rates to make the shipment, before the Western Union had no rate, but since the beginning of this year the government of Brazil began taxing the remittance of money 6%.

We were conformed until, knew the TransferWise, after a search on this website and APP, and verify that the business is serious, We tested, a transfer and the business works well, the forecast was for a week to drop the money in our account, but fell in 2 days, It was super fast, safe, with a very low rate and a great amount of exchange, compared to exchange offices and banks.

Super recommend, even more after the test.

As works TransferWise?

It eliminates the high bank fees of banks and exchange offices, combining their clients based on the currency they need. Then there is a simple exchange, fast and safe.

It is an online money transfer service, that allows money transfer to 89% cheaper than banks. The technology is based on a system point-to-point. If someone wants to convert their pounds for euros or euros for real, the technology of this site is someone who wants to transfer money in the opposite direction (example: euros in pounds or euros for real). The same goes for real, the dollar or any other currency from other countries.

The system automatically combines the currency flows to the real exchange rate market average (as you can find in newspapers or on websites like e, then, paid from the local euro account or pounds, that is, money never moves across borders. Doing things this way, the customer can avoid the traditional bank fees altogether and you do not lose money through wire transfers that charge huge fees. Make transfers easy.

Well now that we have explained how they work, Now we will explain how to transfer the money:

Just go to the site TransferWise, enter your details, the recipient's details and how much you want to transfer (must the receiver will have to have an account where you will get the money) . You can then enter your debit card information or send money to TransferWise in your online bank account, in Brazil is only available at the time the payment slip.

You will receive a confirmation email when the money was received and another when he was paid to the beneficiary. Most transfers take place on the same day, in the case of Brazil may take up to a week, in our case, as I said above were two days - which usually took longer when using Western Union.

It is a fast and secure payment service with only a small usage fee (£ 1 £ values ​​up to 200 and 0.5% the total amount to above £ 200).

When using use the system Transferwise you will avoid the crazy prices of exchange rates on your purchases, avoiding a traditional bank transfer.

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