Estação de Esquí Baqueira Beret, a maior da Espanha

Ski Baqueira Beret, the largest in Spain

December 20, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Ski Baqueira Beret the largest ski station in Spain. Me and Chris as you know, We love snow and ski slopes and December beginning had a long weekend and opened as the vast majority of ski slopes in Spain, We went to Boi Taull and stayed in there.

Ski Baqueira Beret

But earlier this month not had much snow there, and as we were eager to see the mountains branquinhas, Snow covered all went to the Ski Station Baqueira Beret the largest in Spain, she is in the Aran Valley, in the Catalan Pyrenees, There are 75km of Boi Taull, the road is very quiet the day was beautiful, the station is too, It is attended to by the Royal Family of Spain, she already had enough snow, even still not being winter, the vast majority of the tracks were already open, are 105 tracks total being 6 verdes (very easy), 43 blue (easy), 39 red (difficult) e 17 black (very difficult), with 35 lifts, Snowpark, in total are 157 km skiable.

There is a very cheap station, we got there was 12h, usually we took the ticket with half-day for Chris, which is usually the 13 to 17h and visitor for me, for those who follow us here know that I can not ski, but I like to do esquibunda, lol, but usually we bought the tickets and were waiting to take the time to go up, this time left neither buy early, and how we would have to wait for 1:30h lift to ascend, We bought the ticket for the whole day and Chris for all tracks (in some seasons you get the easier slopes you can pay less, this season had no such option), even though 20 euros more expensive and only only would take advantage 1:30there is more, the day was beautiful and super worth worth, then we pay 52 euros for Chris and 16 euros for me that is the value of the tour ticket, and I was taking my esquibunda a small bag as I always have, but when you go up the cable car to the girl looking at the ticket I said I could not come up with it and would have to leave her, almost died of grief because, and I can not do my sport, I thought I would lose it there lol, but really after I read behind the ticket I bought, in the fine print it says you can not make or esquibunda with the tour ticket.


Cidade de Baquera

Pessoal esquiando na estação de esqui baquera-beret

Good, when we got up there I went to a beautiful place, a bar for me to stay, and it had a huge bar with music, loungers a delight, with a beautiful view of the mountains and as the weather was gorgeous, Sol with a fab, there was, taking a wine and waiting for the return of Chris skiing, when he came back we had lunch in the restaurant which was yummy too and then we went down it was almost 17h, but the cabin girl who got my esquibunda was already closed, so I thought, ah I was right? Than nothing, she appeared from nowhere, and fetched my esquibunda, I was very happy lol.

Estrada para chegar na estação de esqui de Baquera-Beret

After my equipment recovered, looking happy face rs, we went for a walk around the town, a grace, and we found a place where he had some children doing esquibunda and there could practice my sport lol, and Chris also, was fun, as always.

Priscila Gutierrez com o seu esquibunda

Priscila Gutierrez e o Christian Gutierrez

Arvores cobertadas de neve

When we left we took another ride through the city's narrow streets, write the name of our TurMundial blog in several places with rsrs snow and when we saw was already night and started a nevezinha, then we stopped the car and went to eat a dog, with fries and churros with wonderful hot chocolate, in a food truck we had seen when we arrived, but the snow began to tighten, so we had to finish our lunch in the car, but it was time to go back to Boi Taull, which is close but we still had 75km road, more it was quiet and one day great, We love and recommend Baqueira Beret Station.


TurMundial na neve

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