Estação de Esquí Boi Taull

Ski Boi Taull station

December 13, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Last weekend, we went to the ski station of Boi Taull, do one of the things we like in winter (although it is not yet winter, but almost), it is to see snow, play and snowboarding at a ski station.

We take some stations already opened and the holiday amendment, and went. Chris to risk a snowboard, but I just get the same esquibunda lol, always we seek stations that never were, so we can know all lol.


That was the time to get to know the station Ski Boi Taull, it is in the Catalan Pyrenees, in Spain, are 300km drive from Barcelona, I turn to 3:30h . The road is quiet, the station is pretty well, It is not very big, has 43 tracks, being 5 verdes, (easiest level), 4 blue (easy level), 20 red (hard level) e 14 black (difficult level) with a total of 45km and when we got there, despite it being open for almost 8 days, I was not much snow yet, and not all the slopes were open, the landscape that enchants us with the mountains all covered with snow, did not have, though we knew that was so, because we were following all the time a site that tells all possible information about the ski stations, as we talked about here on the blog for you: .

Estrada para chegar na estação de esqui

Estação está com pouca neve

But on the day we left dropped a huge snowstorm and now tuuudo white boy covered in snow lol.

We arrived at the station around 11 am and as Chris was not skiing, because he was going skiing in another larger station with more snow the next day, and esquibunda station staff was wanting us to pay a specific place to use, then just played a little, we take 2 beers and we left a 14:30h, to know the small town and its beautiful Romanesque churches of the century XI and XII, the city's cute, Also nearby towns, but we'll talk about them in another post.


We recommend enough this season to ski, it is quite famous among skiers, but make sure you will be with enough snow when you are. It will remain open until the day 8 April and then, It will only open again in December (as the vast majority of ski stations).

The nearest town of ski station of Boi Taull to stay is Pla de L'Ermita, which is 8 Km from the station and the station car park which is free, the city actually consists of several hotels and restaurants, very few people live there, so just we have researched the incredible number of 105 population.

Hotéis da cidade de Pla de l'Ermita

Ficamos no Hotel El Bouquet, we like, but we had a catch that besides not being very cheap, the shower water was warm to cold, and this on a ski station with temperature -10 degrees is not cool…But on where ever booked hotels, It has many other options to choose from and good prices.

Pessoal já esquiando ainda no outono

Soon we will tell more about this beautiful area of ​​Spain.

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