Estação de Esqui de Cerler, nos Pirineos Aragoneses, Espanha

Cerler Ski Resort, We Aragonese Pyrenees, Spain

February 13, 2020 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

To start the year off right, nothing better than skiing and the first year we holiday for Cerler Ski Resort in the Aragonese Pyrenees, I Aragon, Spain.

Cerler It is one of the main ski resorts of the Pyrenees, for those who do not know the Pyrenees are a mountain range in the north / northeast Spain the border with France, these mountains range from Catalonia's coast in the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic coast in the Basque Country, It is the main area of ​​ski resorts in Spain and southern France, We've been in other very nice seasons this region as: Panticosa, La Molina, Boi Taull, Baqueira-Beret, all in Spain and Font-Romeu, in France, Spain's ski resorts are better than in France because, in Spain they are private and with a high investment, in France are government, with little investment, but it has the advantage that are cheaper than in Spain.

Aragonese Pyrenees

We left Barcelona Saturday early with the car we rented for 2,08 euros for 3 days (because Monday was a holiday), that's right 2,08 euros for three days!! At the end of autumn and winter car hire in Spain it is very cheap, another day we rented by 0,74 euro cents or all week end, we just took the basic insurance (same as any car insurance, beat or stolen you have to pay the deductible) in all car rental companies in Europe we rented car so, already rented more than 20 countries and only in Italy we rented with full insurance as, there staff does not drive very well, and they say that in southern Italy has a lot of car theft (the Italians who say that).

As the end of the road between Barcelona and Cerler is very beautiful, We stop to meet several cities and medieval bridges even made a post to speak only of these beauties.

This brings us in the city in the afternoon where we had booked our, only had time to take a tour around Castejon de Sos, as for being early winter was getting dark (I turn to 5 and little afternoon) We chose to stay in this town because the hotels there are much cheaper than in Cerler, we stayed at hotel Pyrenees, excellent hotel with open parking in front, included delicious breakfast, a room and good bed, com wi-fi, TV, good cleaning, very good price and everything we need in a hotel and there is a restaurant with the best food in town on one of the days we had dinner on the menu and the food was wonderful, we highly recommend this hotel.


On the second day we were skiing in the ski resort that is there are 30 minutes of Castejon de Sos, all roads are great, near the station are single lane, on the way to the station we stopped to rent a snow board, boots and helmet, we pay 23 euros (that's the average price we usually pay).

Arriving at the station were in the second car that is higher than the first is that city together, parking is free.

Aragon Cerler

We spent all day skiing and enjoying that view all bright white and spectacular with the beautiful blue sky, We had lunch at the station restaurant, It is a little pricey, a hamburger with potatoes and coke cost 14 euros, skiing is kind of expensive, but worth every penny.

On the third day, we visit other cities that are on the way back to Barcelona, yet close to the ski resort, we went to Degrees medieval city that count most in this post, and also we went to see a Roman bridge in suspension Santaliestra and San Quílez.

Getting into Cerler Ski Resort?

Getting into Cerler Ski Resort?

From Barcelona will be more or less 3 hours of travel, on roads without tolls, in the last 100 km with beautiful views of valleys, rivers and medieval towns.

Cerler Snow

Another possibility is coming from Madrid but are over 6 hours drive in 533Km, but many Madrileños go there, but are more days to compensate for the distance.

What value for skiing in the Cerler Ski Resort?

The entry of a whole day for skiing at all costs clues 51,00 euros, already included insurance, secure the station must be purchased even those with medical or health plan, this insurance is to happen if something redeem you from the station high and then from there you will use your normal insurance, we prefer to stay quiet, so always buy the station safe even taking a private health insurance and that insurance is usually much cheaper.

What value for skiing in the Cerler Ski Resort?

There are other values ​​cheaper for getting started and want to stay only in the green runs on the mountain, It is good for those who are going for the first or second time and there is also the entry of part-time.

The Pri as not ski, only makes esquibunda, paid 15 euros (ride ticket, entitled to 1 rise and 1 descent on the chairlift) to climb in the restaurant that sits on top of the station, she really likes the view from up there is watching and I ski together and then we'll do esquibunda at the base of the stations always have a place to do, which has from children to adults practicing esquibunda, everyone loves.

Priscilla doing esquibunda

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