Estação de Esqui de Font-Romeu

Font-Romeu Ski Resort

February 15, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Last year we decided to spend a different Christmas, and we went to the ski station of Font Romeu, na France, near the border with Spain, is very close to Barcelona is 180km, almost 2 hours by car.

How we love to ski stations, We decided to know more, We stayed in a delicious hotel near the city center, with a beautiful view of the mountains Pedrou.

This hotel was great, with kitchen for, so we could make our supper at home, I will not lie that we made a great supper, but gave pro spent lol, in the kitchen they had no oven, only stove, very common thing here in hotels…then we as always when we travel by car and booked a Airbnb or Hotel / Flat with kitchen, we market here in Barcelona to not waste time looking in another city and we took the road, when we got to the hotel the keys were at the front desk in an envelope with our name, as the reception was closed, I love that they have trust here.

Quarto do hotel Les Balcons du Soleil

Vista do quarto do Les Balcons du Soleil

Then we go up left our things and went to meet the star of the place, the ski station of Font Romeu, we got there we stopped the car in a huge parking lot and the best for free, only on that day we do not buy the lift pass as it was about 3 pm, was more to know it and return the next day, but we found that there is great, including children, It has those snow motinhos to walk, have dog sleds, it seems that they treat them very well, It costs around 80 walking euros, It is cool, but we were, even had an igloo, We had never seen a live, then logical that went, but I confess I took a bit of distress, It is a little claustrophobic lol, but very cool and best of all, the maiooor esquibunda trail that once were, was huge and also had several adults, so I did not feel the only planet in the middle of small children, as always lol. love, no need to talk we stayed there up and down the mountain a thousand times until dark right?

Pri fazendo esquibunda

Chris no esquibunda

A gente no Iglu em Font-Romeu

Moto neve na estação de esqui de Font-Romeu

Trenó puxado por cachorros

We knew he was having a snowboard competition, and we really wanted to have seen, We went looking for the car, after making the esquibunda but when we found out where he was, I was over and it was the last day, then will have to wait. We returned to the city eat a very tasty cheese crepe, but very strong, We take a wine, We strolled around town Soft, and returned to the hotel a 20:30h to take a bath, dinner and wake up not so late the next day to take advantage of the season.

The next day it was day 24 December Christmas Eve, We woke up and were renting snowboard equipment with helmet and boots for Chris, on the road that has to the station, cost 24 euros, normally is this value that we pay the same, and we went to the station which is very close, us 10 minute drive and then buy the lift pass (ticket to ski) to Chris 35 euros 4 hours, what for him is enough for, more than that for those not very used is quite tiring. I stayed at the station restaurant, taking a wine, almocei no self service, and it was pretty cheap for ski season prices, I turn to 11 euros. It was very tasty, It was a beautiful sun, and no need to even talk right landscape? The station is not very big has 41 tracks, being 15 verdes (very easy level), 9 blue (easy level), 8 red (hard level) e 9 black (difficult level), another snowpark, all with 43km skiable.

Estação de Esqui Fonte-Romeu

And so it went our delightful day and a 18h back to the hotel, we talk to our family members to wish happy Christmas, and we were on the porch even with cold, taking a dig, then we packed in the middle lol and made our mini supper, It was a delight, We love and recommend this city and station.

Estação de Esqui Fonte-Romeu na França

The next day we asked to leave the hotel we leave 12h, because this hotel check out was 10 am, and as they left so we could wake up a little later and we know each other very beautiful nearby towns, movie set, that will count on another post for you.

A gente num lago congelado

Lago congelado

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