Estação de Esquí de Sierra Nevada, Granada

Sierra Nevada Ski Station, Granada

March 17, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The Sierra Nevada Ski Station, It is located in southern Spain, the State / community of Andalusia, right next to the city of Granada, just a few 45 minute drive. If you are thinking of going to Granada in winter, include in your itinerary one bounces back to Sierra Nevada, It is very easy to get there, bus has several times 8:00, 10:00 e 17:00h , the weekend has more options, the schedules are back 9:00, 13:00 e 18:30h and buses leave from Granada Bus Station, the bus ticket goes for 5 euro ida, but it is worth buying the round trip per 9 euros. For more information click here in the ski station site.

We drove there, because we were making a trip through southern Spain through Córdoba, Seville e Granada.

Sierra Nevada Ski Station

Sierra Nevada

The best time to go there is between 15 from January to end of March, it may be that in December you do not have a lot of snow, we got lucky and got enough snow and sun in the last week of the year.

The ski stations know (Valle Nevado - Chile, Panticosa – Spain e La Molina - Spain Pri also met Cerro Catedral in Bariloche , but do many years) Sierra Nevada was one of the most liked by many factors, we even made a video about there.

Priscilla and Christian Gutierrez in Sierra Nevada

Sun in the Sierra Nevada Ski Station


The station has several tracks, from basic to more difficult, with many kilometers long, all connected with lifts.


Restaurant of the Sierra Nevada Ski Station

In means of the tracks at some points has restaurants and bars to eat and rest and enjoy the view, this is not only for those who go skiing, for who want to go only to see the track can afford 16 euros to use the lift and go up there.

The price is reasonable for skiing, more or less 45 Euro all day, and a half period 32 euros (from 13h).

Sierra Nevada


Pri making angel in snow

At base station has a big city with a lot of hotels and restaurants. Here are the hotels that have in the Sierra Nevada.

In the city has bars to stay waiting for the person who is skiing if you do not ski, and would not climb the mountain.

It has a part that can walk on snow, and for those who like to Esquibunda.



It has several parking spaces, even has parking right out on the track, for those who already have all the equipment and know, good skiing, it out in the most difficult slopes.

Rental equipment is cheap, We found one by 10 euros the board and boots for snowboarding and more 5 euros if you want the helmet, which is super recommended.

For sunsets Sierra Nevada

TurMundial in Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada Spain

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How tall is Sierra Nevada?


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