Dicas para dirigir nas Estradas Espanholas

Tips for driving on Spanish roads

January 9, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You are thinking of travel in Spain see here, our tips and information on the Roads.

Types of Roads

  • AP - Motorways, are the best and wider roads, always in excellent condition, geralmente a velocidade limite é de 120Km/h, the bad of PAs is that they all have tolls and can be expensive, but they do not go through within city, It has a good amount of services on the road as, gas stations, resting places, are the fastest links between cities.
  • A - Autovias, are roads with double lanes, They do not pass through within city, It has a good amount of service on the road as: gas stations, resting places, has no tolls.
  • N national roads or CN (National roads), usually only have two-lane road in the rise of shares, has no tolls.
  • C – Counties roads (Comarcas roads), are roads without two-duplication, good there are major differences enters the regions leaving the road better or worse and no tolls.
  • Local roads (Local roads), are the lowest roads, usually not bind rural towns and have no tolls.

GPS or Waze, You can put the route not to catch toll roads.

Toll this is a very dangerous issue for those who have never driven here, as there are several types of tolls, na Ireland the M50 road toll has you spend with the car for them and the license plate is marked by radar, without you knowing, We found it unintentionally because we asked for the car rental, because a friend of ours had commented, and to pay, you should go to the next station able to receive this money from the toll, or pay for internet, if you do not pay, car rental, which you rented your car, besides you charge the toll amount can give you an administrative fine and the value will be fine salt. So always ask when you're there and they will guide you, some rental companies have type nonstop from Sao Paulo, and not have to pay.

There are also tolls that only accept coins, or only accept card, it's almost 100% of them will have an attendant to help you or to charge the amount, so before arriving at the toll see what the best option for you.

Another fairly common toll model, It is the toll that will give you a role in the first toll you pass and you must return this paper next toll, this machine will record how many kilometers you walked on the road and charge you only those km is the fairest way of charging, be careful with this role, do not tear or throw it away, a friend of ours did it in Italy, and gave the biggest roller to pay the toll.

Driver's license
Brazilian Driver's license is valid for 3 months, also have the international driver's license that the validity and higher, if you want to live in Spain change the portfolio of Brazilian driver for the Spanish (here's how to make the switch)

Fines and Offenses
Pay attention to the following list of offenses, which can yield a very high fine:

  • exceed the maximum permitted speed. The maximum speed on motorways and highways is 120 km/h; the roads may vary; within cities, the maximum is always 50 km/h, however there may be streets "pacified" where the speed limit drops to 30 km/h.
  • talking on the phone while driving.
  • overcome in stretches where it is not allowed (marked with a continuous line).
  • overcome without using the direction indicator (pinch-pinch), a practice that is very common in Brazil.
  • circular inside a tunnel with the light off, which is very common in Brazil.
  • drink and drive, Spain alcohol limit in the blood is not "zero tolerance" equal in Brazil, but come right, drink do not drive for your safety and others besides refusing to take the breathalyzer test yields worth between 6 months and 1 year in prison and you are drunk the case is even worse.
  • not respect the pedestrian crossing, the crosswalk must be respected, preferably in the range of people are passing, not the car, then whenever you have crosswalks are end transit, go slow and stop the car if people to cross or already crossing
  • not wear the seat belt, both front seats and the rear.
  • take in lower lap or under 12 years in the front seat.
  • take children under a meter and a half tall without the approved safety equipment (seat adapted).

Pay particular attention at the time to park within a city or even a village, in large cities almost every street has blue zone, and make sure you can stop there or you do not have specific vacancies for every person, as neighborhood residents, disabled, taxi and download. To pay for the blue area for electronic machines in the streets, only accept coins to pay.

How to pay a fine
If you have the misfortune to be fined for any traffic violation, pay your fine. Know that if you are caught by a traffic officer, the nonresident alien status, You must pay the fine on time (and this will be discounted). The fine can be paid with cash or credit card.

place fuel (Fuel the car)
Here in Spain, so throughout the European Union, who supplies the car is yourself, has no attendant to put fuel for you. Arriving at the gas station stop the car next car down pump, em alguns lugares você terá que ir ao caixa primeiro e pagar, and then fill.

The fuels are here, Unleaded petrol 95, Unleaded petrol 98, diesel or diesel. Diesel is an economic good, already we took a C3 diesel car that made almost 1.000Km with a tank, Really!

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