Évora e sua famosa Capela dos Ossos

Évora and its famous Chapel of Bones

January 31, 2019 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Évora is a town south of Portugal, well known for its Chapel of Bones, a church that has pillars and walls made with human bones of people who lived in the city convent many years ago.

Evora was our last stop of the script made by Portugal, We started by port and headed over 10 cities in 9 days, Évora was a stopping point already in the back to port, where we rented the car, before we went there we were in Pear frame, no Algarve. As the path between Algarve and Porto is over, We thought it would be an interesting point of Portugal to stop and was on the road, We slept there and woke up early to get to know the city of Évora.

Priscilla Gutierrez and Christian Gutierrez in Évora

In the city we stayed at Moov Hotel Évora, an excellent hotel and parking, a very important item for those who are making the drive, even in a medieval city like Evora. The hotel is very well located, It is within the ancient city walls and is very close to the main attraction of Evora, the famous Chapel of Bones, Furthermore the hotel is modern and clean and super recommend.

Moov Hotel Évora

We arrived at night city, because we had enjoyed the day on the beaches of the Algarve, then we speak up, only we got there to sleep and enjoy the day, only in the morning to visit the town and after lunch we went to Puerto deliver the car and take the plane back to Barcelona.

Attractions Evora and what are its main attractions?

Évora as we said was a medieval town and has the old town that is within Walls of Évora, to enter the city you will pass through the wall and the old city gates, to be an ancient medieval town there are several really cool parts of the city to meet, then explore the city on foot, it is not too large.

Walls of Évora

Giraldo Square, the main square in the center of town.

A Chapel of Bones It is the main attraction of the city, was built in the seventeenth century by Franciscan monks, she is with Church of San Francisco, in construction were used bones of various monastic cemeteries in the region who were taking up too much space of land and so decided to use the skeletons in the construction and decoration of the chapel, early to give a bad impression, but then passes, It is an incredible place to meet. They say the bones that are there are to wait visitors, weird huh? To enter must pay, but it is very cheap 5 euros for adults, 3,50 euros for young people up 25 years and people over 65 years and 12,50 euros for family 2 Adults + young. And in that single note is included to visit the Chapel of Bones, Museum Center and the collection of Nativity scenes, They are also interesting, but no doubt is the star Chapel.

Chapel of Bones

Chapel of Bones in Evora

Church of San Francisco

Right near the chapel is Evora Cathedral, a beautiful church that can be visited

Evora Cathedral

Évora besides being a medieval town, It was also before a Roman city, is there is Roman Temple Évora, those pillars and Roman style, how awesome it was the domination of the Roman Empire right? We love to see the buildings of that time and are scattered thousands.

Roman Temple Évora

Another beauty left by the Romans was the Aqueduct of Silver Water Évora, that in ancient times carried water from the street to the city center, the aqueduct is preserved.

Aqueduct of Silver Water Évora

Finally it has the city's ports and one of them is Avis doors, which is very close to the aqueduct and was one of the main entry points of medieval city of Évora.

Avis doors

We know all these sights in the morning, so it's a good time to explore the city, We not find it necessary to get a full day, before we left we had lunch in a very good Japanese restaurant, o Samurai, with a good price for us travelers.

Attractions Evora and what are its main attractions?

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