Ferry Boat na Europa

Ferry Boat na Europa

January 13, 2022 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

O Ferry Boat na Europa (balsa), it's almost like a mini cruise, many of them have pools, restaurants, cassino, bares, nightclubs, mini malls, cinema and sleeping cabins until you reach your destination.

The ferries are very different from what we were used to in other parts of the world like in Brazil, and elsewhere in South America, the places we visited did not have all this infrastructure, maybe because they are ferries (voice) that for the most part make short journeys such as: São Sebastião to Ilha Bela or simply for not having, in Europe many journeys are long, lasting more than 9 hours.

in the last 2 trips we took by ferry we took our motorcycle and it's really cool to get on that giant ship and almost have to go for a ride in a few 3 parking blocks, out the many cargo trucks, cars, motorhomes and walkers too.

Ferry Boat na Europa

Here in Europe we have already used ferries to go from Barcelona to Menorca all we did were round trips, from dublin, in Ireland to Hollyhead, no Wales, Barcelona to Sardinia was the longest we did 12h, we were lucky to catch a group of dancers on the way back who danced the entire time of the crossing in the pool, it was a lot of fun and the last stretch we did was from Barcelona to Formentera (with connection in Ibiza) both on the way out and on the way back.

This type of transport is often cheaper than traveling by plane., as in the case of trips to Menorca, Sardinia and Formentera are much cheaper, especially if you use your own transport to travel around the island, so you don't need to rent, something that became much more expensive after the pandemic, the only problem is the hours of travel time, because it's quite a few hours, for those who don't have many days it can be a problem, but for those who have time and like, we recommend, because it's a journey within a journey.

On these ferries there are several types and prices of tickets, from the simplest that only the ticket is included for you, but there is no chair, what we see no problem, because there is no shortage of armchairs for you to rest, even when the route is at night, then there are the tickets with marked seats and finally the ones with cabins similar to a cruise ship, with bed, bathroom, and many are now letting their pet sleep together in the cabin, but the ferries that don't have a special place to leave your pet, tickets can also include the motorcycle., car and motorhome and of course, each transport the price also changes. We have already been in all ways and we recommend if the route is at night to take a cabin and if it is during the day with nothing, nor seat, because most of the time you stay in the entertainments of the ferry and don't even feel the time pass.

Ferry Boat na Europa

In recent years we have been using it a lot and we really like to do trips of this type., we even have a post with a list of ferry companies in Europe, to help plan our trips and will certainly help you with tips.

How are the ferries in Europe?

Many of them look like mini cruises, with casinos, nightclubs, bares, restaurants, pool and cabins, in our opinion it is very worthwhile to travel with them because your trip will go much faster and will be much more fun.

Plan your trip

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