Feast of the Gràcia neighborhood – Barcelona – 15 a 22 of August

August 12, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Barcelona has many summer parties every day, one of the most famous festivals in Barcelona are the parties of the neighborhoods, each neighborhood makes your party in the streets with food, drinks, attractions, shows and more.

The biggest celebration is the Gràcia district and the most famous, that everyone wants to go.

This year the party starts on Gràcia 15 August and ends on 22 of August, a pity that we can only go on 15, because the other days will be traveling.

During this week, for more than 500 different activities to do, enjoy and participate, the festive atmosphere fills all Gràcia neighborhood streets. Accompanied by parades, outdoor concerts, dancers, workshops, theater performances and fireworks. Many people join the party to enjoy the atmosphere and excitement that fills the neighborhood.

Best of all, it's a totally free event. The lights come on 20:00 h. and is the best time to visit the streets, but it is also very full of people.
Do not miss this exciting festival, full of energy, be sure to reserve a stay in advance, to participate in and enjoy one of the most fun weeks in Barcelona.

different streets participate every year and many of the streets are decorated by neighbors and they compete with each other, It is named the best decorated street in Gràcia. The district takes very seriously the competition. The district works for months to convert the streets of Barcelona in a true fantasy world. Surprisingly, every year different streets embark on a unique and distinct theme, which remains undisclosed until the match begins!

popular tradition during the festival, are fireworks, games, people dance is very interesting. Devils, dragons and monsters dance to the rhythm of drums and loose its fiery breath into the crowd. But do not worry if you've got kids, there are other less scary games for them. And if that does not please you, Do not worry! There is something to please everyone, entertainment and traditional concerts and dances Catalan.

Each year the festival progresses and modifies a little more this year, everyone has the opportunity to participate in choosing the winner. This has been possible thanks to the popular vote that has been done through a Smartphone, a free application developed by the establishment.

Check here the party schedule.