Fomos roubados pela polícia da fronteira Romênia-Bulgária

We were robbed by the police of Romania-Bulgaria border

October 14, 2019 20 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

In our travels always left with wonderful stories to tell and other stories that serve at least learning to the next, on this trip we did car, a road map for Bulgaria and Romania which ran almost 2,000km, on the last day that we've been quiet because he had given all right, We were robbed by Police Romania in time to cross the border into Bulgaria again and we catch our flight back, that happened between the cities of Ruse and Giurgiu, and here we comment on how it happened and be able to try to help others on a trip like this or even in other countries.

When we rented the car for the internet Rentcars, with the company Top Rent a Car, which was very good attention of the staff both on arrival and on departure, We pay a fee more to go to Romania by car, a fee charged for all rental companies, beyond this rate we received a mandatory green document to circulate on the roads of Bulgaria a document type as a road IPVA, is a rate of the Bulgarian roads, they call sticker.

With these documents we were able to do our roadmap by both countries, We started the trip Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, then from there we headed towards the coast stopping at Plovdiv, already we know the coast Nessebar, Sunny Beach, Golden Sands e Albena.

Albena was the last town we stopped in Bulgaria, and between Albena and the city of Vama Veche, already in Romania, We pass on the border between 2 countries.

Although the two countries take part in the European Union, You have to go through a border control, I believe this is because they are not part of the Schengen treaty countries, this control was all great linger around 45 minutes, a good time for what had read saying that there were people who were 2h, because in high summer season it can take much longer (July and August). We were in the summer, but in September.

At the time of crossing the countries we present the car papers and our passports in the two borders, as well as in Bulgaria, Romania also has a fee to use the country's roads, this fee can be paid in several authorized gas stations on the roads, but as we knew that we pay in their own country's entry next to passport control, so we would have everything correct and quiet in the first kilometer, to have no problem with the police on the roads. And the girl who paid around 5 EUR the rate (which could be paid in euro, Bulgarian Lev or Romanian leu) He gave us a voucher relating to the payment of that fee, you can choose to pay for 1 day, 1 week, or a month, as we would 5 days in Romania, we paid for 1 week (the value is changing as the number of days).

Soon after the border is also possible to exchange Euros for Romanian Leu, the country's currency, at an exchange house that has just bordering output.

As in Bulgaria, Romania stayed on in various cities and visited several others were, Vama Veche, Eforie Nord, Mamaia, Sinaia, rasnov, Brasov, Bran and Bucharest, the capital.

On the last day of trip we left Bucharest early towards Sofia, where we would return the car and catch the plane back to Barcelona, but before arriving in Sofia we had to cross the border again only in the opposite direction, Romania to Bulgaria, and then we would stop for lunch Veliko Tarnovo, already in Bulgaria.

Before crossing the border still had some Romanian leu, we made the mistake of spending that money putting fuel, We had seen that he had a kind of a toll to pay to cross the bridge, but since we were at the border and had no toll on the way, We spend money, Pri still spoke not to spend, but I on the idea of ​​not losing money trading currency again, I spent money at the gas station, but we still had Euros and Bulgarian Lev (Currency Bulgaria) if needed to pay a toll.

At the time of crossing the bridge between the two countries had a kind of “Toll” to pass the bridge and there had to pay the fee, this time got it all wrong, first that the window was on the passenger side and not the driver as in other borders that we have passed, (for if I were alone I would have to leave the car to talk to the woman) and it was there that the border control police Romania robbed us, the rate cost 14 Roman Leu, (had a huge sign saying that) which are more or less 3 euros, then the Pri who was in the passenger, since the window was on the passenger side, He asked her if could pay in euros, (as well as usually paid at the border Bulgaria / Romania) because we only had euros or Bulgarian Lev and did not accept card, only the window of the woman who spoke only Romanian, no other language and no effort minimum to try to understand or speak English, He said so then was 6 euros, ie double the amount that was on the plate, we had 5 euros and a few cents in currency, then took a note 20 Euro waiting for her return the change in Euros, or Romanian Leu or even Bulgarian Lev, this time she decided to ask all the car documents, including the receipt of the fee we had paid to run on the roads of Romania, We deliver everything to her and, even with all the correct documents, including proof of payment of the Romanian highway fee, without having had any type of problem on the roads, up because we were all right and paid, she invented a penalty, It was the only time she spoke a word of English, she said “penalty ” and he gestured that would keep the change of our 20 euros, when asked Pri “why?” she made a face as if he were holding in there, but then he changed his mind and told us to follow, we are afraid to discuss with a corrupt person, with the power to hold us at the border and frightened by what had passed, Then we left and crossed the border very upset.

Anyway we were stolen 17 euros by the police the border of Romania with Bulgaria, a person who is there to help others, tourists etc, just robbing us, We think how many people must go through it. It was not the amount, neither was great, but by attitude.

When we decided to go there to think it could happen something like that on the road, or in the cities due to the fame of Romanians in Europe (they do not have a very good reputation in Europe), but it was all perfect, to drivers who spoke so ill of them, nor were so bad, until we arrive at the border and meet with this woman. But even with this little unexpected, indicate much know Romania, it is wonderful.

A very important tip that may help to not go through this kind of problem, always have the money of the country you are visiting until you leave it effectively and preferably loose change, even if you lose then the conversion, It helps you to not go through this kind of problem, I think that maybe if we had Romanian Leu, perhaps we would not have gone through this.

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