Frankfurt am Main – Uma das principais portas de entrada da Europa

Frankfurt am Main - One of Europe's main entry points

September 18, 2014 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Frankfurt am Main, or simply Frankfurt, main gateway to Germany and a key to Europe, due to the huge airport built in the city, But be careful the city has two airports a major (Frankfurt Main também chamado de Rhein-Main Airport) within the city and other more regional and low cost flights (Frankfurt Hahn Airport) It is not within the city, It is around 90 minutes distância.Mas transportation is easy, simple and can be done by bus. We ended up using the 2 airports, logical that the primary is much higher, but the regional is super organized.

Do not waste too much time in the city, be at most two days, We use this trip as a gateway to Europe.

onde fica Frankfurt

Where is Frankfurt

The city is Frankfurt in northern Alamenha near the border with Holland, It is the financial and transportation center Germany and the largest financial center in Europe, many banks and businesses are located in the city, there are also many exhibits.

Frankfurt am Main

How to get
Airplane, we choose this option, because it was our first destination from Brazil.
Train, if you are already in Europe this is a good option, we went to visit the railway station, they are super organized and gives a lot of willingness to travel throughout Europe, because there many trains arrive and leave to different places;

We ate at a very cute restaurant in Schaumainkai Avenue which is the Main River banks, almost opposite the pedestrian bridge Holbeinsteg, which also has a lot of padlocks couples, to seal the love, ahhhhhh or amor.

Rio Less

Avenida Schaumainkai

We were at other bars, next to our hotel, but I do not remember the names, We could not help but enjoy drinking the great and famous German beers. Near the opera there is a huge street with many restaurants, side by side, great too.

Where to stay in Frankfurt

Where to stay
we stayed at Ibis Frankfurt Centrum, good hotel, great price, good location, wi fi only at the front desk and is close to the river and the subway station, but does not include breakfast, We had to CAMELAR a bit we find something like bakery in town. Things to Do in Frankfurt and which are the main tourist attractions in Frankfurt.

Botanical garden or Palmengarten Park, It is a park with many greenhouses with plants from around the world, each oven simulates the environment of the plant, with heat, frio, wind, Water. The garden is a green oasis in the city, for us it was the best place in town, It is really very beautiful and worth, but it was kind of distant from where we were, but just get the subway that is quiet.

Botanical Garden

Palmengarten park


City of Frankfurt

Frankfurt in Germany

Germany Frankfurt


Frankfurt, main gateway to Germany


Frankfurt Cathedral, It was under renovation.

Frankfurt Cathedral

Gardens Nice, Nice to Rio magens

Gardens Nice

Natural History Museum Senckenberg

Natural History Museum Senckenberg

Alte Oper Frankfurt, linda, We wanted to attend a concert but could not.

Alte Oper Frankfurt

Goethe House
Main Tower
Church of St. Paul (Paulskirche)

Church of St. Paul (Paulskirche)

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