Gorgs de la Febró: um paraíso de cachoeiras e piscinas naturais

Gorges of the Febró: a paradise of waterfalls and natural pools

July 6, 2021 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Surrounded by massifs and mountain ranges, in the Sierra de Prades, where the Siurana river is born, is La Febró. This small municipality of just 40 population, the third least inhabited in all of Catalonia, has a treasure of nature: The Gorgs, natural pools and pools irrigated by waterfalls formed by a tributary of the Siurana river.

In addition to this uniqueness, what most calls the attention of this place are the attractions of its natural surroundings. Due to the limestone nature of the mountain massif, the thousands of years of erosion caused by its irregularly flowing rivers have shaped a unique landscape with cliffs, caves, cliffs, waterfalls and pools. The swimming pools of La Febró, better known as Gorges of La Febró (in Catalan “pose” is “gorg”) are one of the claims of the hundreds of hikers who visit this territory, well communicated with neighboring municipalities like Siurana, Arbolí e Stroll through an extensive network of trails.

But, inserted in an incredible and wild place of pure nature, is this natural water park that still lives after millions of years sculpting the limestone rock of these mountains giving rise to this wonder.

A perfect option not only for taking a dip when the weather allows, but also a network of trails to get lost that connect cities like Arbolí, Prades or Siurana.

Siurana is a place close by and we want to visit.