Gozo, uma das Ilhas mais famosas e lindas de Malta

Gozo, one of the most famous and beautiful islands of Malta

November 30, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Gozo is one of the islands that make up the country of Malta, in total are 5 islands that make up this country, which is in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the main islands are: Malta, where is the capital Valletta, is the largest island, The second highest enjoyment, Comino which is well known as is where is the Blue Lagoon, and the other two islands, They are not habitable.

Most arrive in transport Malta Island, there is the port and airport, and how then is to go to Gozo? The two islands are connected by a ferry service that costs about 11 euros to and, and you only pay the back.

We went there when we made a trip 8 days a Malta, and one of the days we spent the whole day in Gozo Island.

Chegando na Ilha de Gozo

What to do in Gozo Island and what are its main attractions?

How we choose to spend the entire day on this island, we were up early to catch the first ferry, before we made a road map with the places we wanted to visit the island, and so we follow.

We started the visit by Citadel Victoria, an ancient medieval town in the middle of the island of Gozo, a really beautiful place, You do not have to pay to get, only one part that we were not, Cittadella is a walled city with many towers, Castle, church and cobblestone streets and even an old prison, We stayed there for almost 2 hours and enjoyed.

Cittadella Victoria

Ruazinhas da Cittadella Victoria

Muralha da Cittadella Victoria

Our second stop was to know a huge church in the middle of nowhere, call Ta’ Pinu, at the entrance has a beautiful wall with the passage of the track cross of Jesus, It is the most beautiful country church, It is a must place to take a break.

Ta' Pinu

mural com a passagem da via cruz de Jesus

mural com a passagem da via cruz de Jesus

After there we went to the famous Azzure Window, which collapsed earlier this year with a giant waves that hit this famous attraction, the Azzure Window was a stone stuck by the waves of the sea, like a bridge, nowadays you can see only the stones that formed this wonder.

Azzure Window

Azzure Window

But still very worth a visit, because the place is very beautiful and has just beside the Blue Hole, a hole in the sea water, sea ​​water enters through a crack in the rock (a cave) where many go to dive, the Blue Hole has a small beach (stone), and you can go swimming to the slot and enter the cave.

After seeing these 4 attractions was already at lunch, and a person accompanying our blog and lived in Malta, He indicated in a restaurant to go, O The Stone Crab, a restaurant in front of a bay, with delicious food, the main course of Malta is the rabbit, next to the restaurant has a small trail to see the high rise landscape of a mountain. The restaurant has a good price and after or before dinner be sure to make this short trail to see the scenery.

Christian Gutierrez no The Stone Crab

The Stone Crab

Continuing our tour we were in the most beautiful place on island, O Wied il-Ghasri, It is a sea arm forming a gap between the end huge stones and a small beach stones, is very beautiful, see the photo of the place, because describe this beauty is an impossible task, We stayed there a long time enjoying the view of the place.

Wied il-Għasri

Wied il-Għasri

Next door is a sea salt mining regions called Salt Pans, only we took a last drive there.

Salt Pans

The next destination was a cave, we had seen pictures of her, only to falter the place and we were in another cave Calypso Cave, an ancient Roman cave that now is closed because of erosion danger, there has a beautiful panoramic view of the Rambla Bay Beach Beach.

Calypso Cave

The cave we wanted to have known is the Of Mixta Cave, that is opposite the Calypso, across the beach, a shame because the view from there seems to be more beautiful than the Calypso Cave, and only found out that we fail to cave when we were on the beach and was too late to go and gave laziness lol.

Tal-Mixta Cave

The Beach Rambla Bay Beach, also known as Red Beach, is the most important beach of the island it is beautiful and great, we were there to enjoy the late afternoon.

Rambla Bay Beach

Rambla Bay Beach

When evening came, it was time to go back to the Malta Island where were we hosted in the city of Bugibba, and still we had a ferry crossing to.

We just loved Gozo, who is going to have to go Malta, much worth knowing.

Cittadella Victoria vista de noite

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