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I like Ibiza GuestHouse Eloy Campagnoni

May 12, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

You've heard about GuestHouse? It is a service style very famous hosting in Europe, the traveler or tourist spends days staying with one GuestHouse, which will have exclusive services and dining experiences, accommodation, drink and more.

A friend of ours here in Barcelona is conducting a GuestHouse in Ibiza very exclusive, with a precious scenery.

After a successful summer in Trancoso, Eloy Campagnoni opens the season of Cook House in Ibiza.

The host Campagnoni Eloy and his team, open the doors for friends and food lovers, for a season of much flavor, music, sun and good conversation in Ibiza. Two beautiful houses with architecture and very special island views are the choice of Eloy for this summer in one of the coveted spots of the Mediterranean. Of 23 from June to 15 July, a Cook House – the Cook House – will open doors to make your summer an unforgettable and healthy combination of leisure and gastronomy.

Eloy Campagnoni

It all starts with the experience of booking, the attention and acceptance of Eloy. An airport shuttle service to and from the city's festivals, fun breakfasts in the company of friends, wine tastings, Ham, cheeses and olive oils and some meals “in House” with menu specially created by the host, plus tickets to the most interesting parties, reservations at some restaurants recommended by him, and boat trips to the paradise island of Formentera are at your disposal. The Cook House is the result of experiences, studies, and love that host dedicated to the art of welcoming, while providing a unique cuisine to its guests. You will not find anything like it in Ibiza.


Resident four years ago in Barcelona, began his studies at the School of Hospitality Hoffman, where he graduated and created the cookhouse, which proposes a gastronomic experience and “life style”, that blend expressive flavors inspired by their experiences abroad and a peculiar receptivity of your personality, promoting happiness and a new look at how to travel, interact and socialize with each other.

Some of the delicacies that will be served in the summer Ibizenco.

This is not an experience for a lot of people. The service is always for a select group of people, Non maximum 15 people. The goal is to extract what is best in locations, where Cook House is this merging experience “in house” with external experiences, providing opportunities for people can also choose to participate or not some of the various leisure options that are available in season.

Reservations may be made via Whatsapp +34 618 743 248 or by email:

One of the boat tours that will be available.

Boating in Ibiza

Vila Swan - Week 23 a 30 of June.

Villa Swan

Villa Swan

Kan village - Weeks 30 of the June 15 July.
Vila Can

Vila Can

Vila Can

Villa Swan - 380 Euro per day per double room.
Vila Can - 390 Euro per day per double room.

The price includes: Airport pick up and return, Breakfast, wine tastings, oils , cheeses and Tapas everyday, 3 meals on days to be determined by guests, cava and wine.

Not included: Transfers for city holidays, boat trips to Formentera and Es Vedra, Entries for parties and VIP tables, meals in restaurants in town, drinks that can be purchased and prepared by guests.

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