Guinness Storehouse ou Heineken Experience?

Guinness Storehouse ou Heineken Experience?

April 6, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

A Guinness Storehouse and the Heineken Experience, are the major breweries, which also has a tour to visit.

A Guinness Storehouse, It is in Dublin Ireland and the Heineken Experience is in Amsterdam in Holland.

Heineken Experience

We were in the two, and like most of the Guinness Storehouse, 25 euros per adult entitled to a Guinness Pint, buy the site it cheaper. We prefer the Guinness Store it has more factory face, the tour goes through the brewing process, you can choose the audio guide in your language, you touch the products that make beer, Furthermore the factory is greater, with more details about the history of the factory.

Guinness Storehouse

Guinness Storehouse Dublin

The building and greater have a beautiful view, panoramic city, the bar where visitors will enjoy the beer is well on top of the building. You can choose to pick up the bar or “take” Pint from your tap, to earn a diploma, but neither were, because the queue was absurd, so we took the same bar.

Heineken Experience Holanda

In both tours, It has beer tasting, has souvenir shops, Needless to mention the prices right lol. It has an explanation of how to make beer.


The tour of the Heineken bought by internet to not pick up lines, we pay 18 EUR per person, We bought together with a “combo” tours we did there. On the tour you are entitled to 2 Heineken 370ml, but you can choose, if you want to learn how to “take” tap beer, you shall be entitled to only one beer, logical that choose to take the 2 beers at the same bar, Instead of taking the beer, I was going out all wrong, full of foam rsrsrs tap.

No tour da Heineken experience, It has very interactive thing, It is much too full, do they know very well their marketing, has video game, Bicicletinha for you sing and then they send you the video by email, has game, have photo, 4D cinema and a lot of things, but we do not feel the plant itself.



On the tour of Heineken is included a boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam, the ride is cool, and optional short, but as we have already done a walk through the day channels, so did not have much novelty, We decided to go to be at night, it takes you to another Heineken store and there we won a glass of Heineken.

tour since Heineken

Although we liked more than the Guinness tour, we like Heineken's also quite, up because they are quite different, so for those who like beer, We find interesting go to 2.



Irish beer

Dutch beer

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