Hammamet, lindas praias da Tunísia, perto da capital Tunes

Hammamet, beautiful beaches in Tunisia, near the capital Tunis

July 26, 2018 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Hammamet It is a city of the country's coastline with beautiful beaches in Tunisia, near the capital Tunes, an area frequently visited by Europeans seeking good place, cheap and wonderful resorts facing the sea, many with foot in the sand, another reason also to draw the attention of Europeans is that there is much more heat in spring and even in winter, compared to northern Europe.

We also went there to flee the spring start of the cold, same Barcelona not being a very cold city like other northern cities, still makes a chill in early May with an average of about 15 degrees per day.

Hammamet It was one of the cities that choose to stay in our script that made Tunisia, there was our first stop, the city is only 1 hour drive from Tunis airport, the country's main, the taxi does not cost much for the distance is, us 30 euros, the trip took a shuttle that came out cheaper still by hoppa.com out a 20 we euros 2 and the return made by taxi, with a taxi driver who also did a tour with him to various places and we here. Usually in our travels we know the city on foot, public transport, or rent a car, but in Tunisia we saw the need for taxi ride because, public transport is not very good and the places are very far apart.


as discussed, Hammamet na Tunisia, has beaches very beautiful with thousands of Resorts, which makes it the main tourist attraction of Hammamet, we took and we 4 days at the resort IberoStar Averroes the beautiful beach Yasmine Hammamet, Here we more you, because in this post we will tell more about the city.

principal atração turística de Hammamet

After Hammamet beaches and the Resorts, Another very cool place to visit is the old walled city, a Medina of Hammamet, Medina for those who do not know, It is an ancient walled city where important buildings were the Arabs, as mosques, the trade, the palace, they are fortified like a fortress or castle to prevent foreign invasions, nowadays medinas around the world have become tourist attractions, in southern Spain and the Mediterranean islands are quite common, and clear across North Africa and the Middle East, Spain is the most famous Alhambra one day has been a great medina.

Tunisia beaches

In addition to this cultural and architectural part, the medinas today are the major tourist markets of North Africa, there you can find everything in terms of souvenirs, They are very cheap and you can also find beautiful objects for home decoration.

lindas praias da Tunísia

We were there on one of the days we were staying in Yasmine Hammamet, We took a taxi at the hotel, We pay super cheap ones 3 euros, and we went right to the Medina.

First we strolled out, to seeing the wall of the Medina near the Mediterranean Sea, is beautiful that old wall and the sea in the region that is very blue.

Once inside the Medina of Hammamet, We walked all the little streets and fell in love with all the doors of the houses super well decorated, like the ones you see below.

Medina de Hammamet

portas decoradas

Mesquita Kabir

portas das casas super bem decoradas

portas decoradas das casa na Tunísia

porta Tunísia

Tunísia portas

Within the medina has two stops compulsory, One is the Kabir Mosque the main city.

The other stop is Kasbah, a fortress within the walled city, a portion of the wall is also a part of the fortress. This square fortress, It was probably built in the ninth century, but it was heavily modified 1400 to become the residence of city governor, then adapted to a military fortress until the nineteenth century.

Kasbah uma fortaleza

To enter is paid, but only 1 Euro or less, super worth worth, within Kasbah walls It has breathtaking views of the streets of the medina, blue sea and the beach next to the medina.

muralhas do Kasbah

There also is a bar and restaurant that the hotel staff said it has a beautiful sunset, but it was a bit cloudy day, it was still early and had food and drinks included in our resort, we were not to see, but it is the tip, It must be beautiful.


Around the medina has many bars and restaurants much frequented by tourists, and we saw the menus are cheap, as well as everything in Tunisia.

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