Hotel El Bouquet, estação de esquí Boi Taull

Hotel El Bouquet, ski station Boi Taull

December 18, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

As we speak to you, we were on holiday 8 from December (here in Spain) to the ski station of Boi Taull, and here in Spain it is not as expensive to stay within stations, and you do not get so isolated from the world also, as in some other places we know, what we think good. So after we found it, we always try to stay within the seasons, not least because the views are also unmatched.

And this time was not different, We seek a hotel inside the station, but after we booked we found they enjoyed there 8km station, as well as several other, from the most famous Boi Taull Resort, even some simple, in Taull Boi station there are hotels literally within, when I talk inside is out of the hotel and has ski out lol.

But nothing to panic because in 10 minute drive you arrive at the station, this road is very quiet and has a spectacular views and the good thing is that parking is free. And this hotel complex which is in Pla de L'Ermita has several shops to rent ski material, we advise you to rent your equipment in one of these shops because, usually comes out cheaper than inside the station and if you want to ski lessons, they also have teachers available.

Hotel El Bouquet

Nevou no dia em que estávamos na estação de esqui

Pequena cidade de Pla de L´Ermita

We stayed in a hotel called El Bouquet, ok it is a 2 stars, but we will not lie we expected more for the price, because we have stayed in other cheaper and better, but it is a good hotel, very well located, clean, the breakfast was very tasty and full (by European standards), the room had an excellent heater, what saved us because although not a lot of snow, It was sooo cold, parking you have to look for job, because inside the hotel has no parking, it's easy to find vacant since you do not arrive too late, but they were given a very small room, with 2 separate single beds (okay we gathered as we arrived), but worst of all was the shower, it was not hot, and called the owner and she said it was like that for the safety of the guests not to burn, aH?? Good, so that let us down a bit, because you take warm bath in the summer heat is refreshing to, but in a ski station which is marking -10 degrees!! complicated huh??! So the solution we found was, I showered and when we finished we went out running to the room where it was very hot lol. But overall it was good. We always reserve the if you want to book this, or any other hotel in the world, use this site because, they have a huge variety of hotels and the best prices, no doubt.

Estação de Esquí de Boi Taull

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