Hoz de Jaca, a segunda maior tirolesa da Espanha

Hoz de Jaca, the second largest zip line in Spain

February 13, 2017 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Hoz de Jaca, It is a small town in the mountain ranges of the Pyrenees, in the state / community Aragon, It is very close to Panticosa, which is famous for its ski station.
Hoz de Jaca It is on top of a mountain that has cliff which is beside Búbal pond.

Snow and frozen lake in Aragon

Aragon Spain

The city has incredibly 75 population, so even a city 75 population.

Then you think how you ended up in a town so small?? We were doing a ski trip in a ski station called Panticosa, which is 8km this city.
Here's the post about Panticosa, the next day of skiing we had nothing to do and we saw on the map that had a gazebo in this town and had this dam.


So we decided to go there on Sunday morning, Hoz de Jaca, It is beautiful even in winter where the city gets plenty of snow on the streets and makes it even more beautiful.

Hoz de Jaca

In the city only has two restaurants, a church.


What attracts people to this city beyond the charm of it, It is a wires, the second largest wires
from Spain, with 1km away and 1 minute descent, by 15 euros.

Tyrolean, the second largest zip line in Spain

Another thing that stands out in the city, It is a beautiful viewpoint of the Hoz de Jaca Lookout where you can see the lake at a height of Búbal 100 meters, A beautiful place.


The lake had a frozen part, the lake is actually a dam, and you shall drive over the dam, and inside a mountain with a very small track

snow-covered city


ping pong snow covered

And if that was not enough to have a theme park snow, where you can rent snowmobiles, building an igloo, sleeping in an igloo, floor of dogsledding and other sports, call park Tem Park, that did not to know but one day go back there.

Tem Park

This town was a wonderful surprise, are things like that that makes life so good.

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