Ilha de Patmos Grecia, cidade do Apóstolo João

Patmos Greece, city of the Apostle John

September 6, 2017 12 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

A Patmos Island in Greece, is a very small island but with a lot of history and beautiful beaches, There are the Monastery of St. John and the cave he lived after being exiled, the most beautiful beach is the Psili Amos.

We went to this island in a trip we did cruise to the Greek islands, and this was our third stop, We had already stopped in Athens, Mykonos e Chalk, and lacked even stop in Islands Rhodes e Santorini.

We walk around the Island for about 8 hours, the time the ship was anchored.

Like other islands rented a quad bike, It is the easiest way to get to know the Greek Islands, the beaches and the main tourist attractions.

Patmos Island

We hired the company Moto Leo, the owner is very friendly and attentive, the car rental company is very close to the harbor, us 300 meters, there the ATV was the cheapest of all the islands we spent, we pay 20 euros the day, We also reserve by internet, because they say has times that it is difficult to rent an ATV, due to huge demand, Patmos as the island is very small, I think it should not have this problem, but better make sure and book early.

Patmos Island, city ​​of the Apostle John

What to do in Patmos Island, Greece? And what are the main attractions of the island?

As we had little time in Patmos, We choose to visit the beach of Psili Amos, the Monastery of St. John and St. John's Cave, but the main focus was no longer the same beach.

Things to Do in Patmos? And what are the main attractions of the island?

So as soon as we took the quad bike, we put fuel, 8 Euro is a great amount of fuel to run gives enough, and went to the beach Psili Amos.

A Beach Psili Amos, It is at one end of Patmos Island, but it is easy to reach and very close to the center, are a 8,5 Km of road and about 1km (25 min walk) well quiet track, the ATV left the track start, which has a small gate of wood that is closed to the goats that have not come out there, then it is only open and close the gate after.

Beach Psili Amos

Beach parking Psili Amos

Trail to the Psili Amos beach

Patmos GreeceBeach Psili Amos

At the top of the trail it is already possible to see the beach of Psili Amos, she is beautiful, one of the prettiest we saw in Greece, It is in our top 5 Greece, the beach is practically deserted, we got there a 10:30AM and had about five people on the beach who were camping there.

Beach Psili Amos

The beach is fine white sand, with a clean, clear sea with shades of green and blue.

The beach is fine white sand, with a clean, clear sea with shades of green and blue.

The beach is fine white sand

They say that this beach the Apostle John wrote the part of the Bible that talks about the Apocalypse, because the story tells that he comes on a sandy beach in this Patmos Island and this beach is the only Sand Island.

There even has a small restaurant, and sells very cheap beer, 2,50 euros a beer from Greece called Alfa 500ml, a great price for more off-center places, like this.

Who does not want to make a way to track any, There is a boat ride out of the city center and arrive there around 11 am, but although it will only late in the afternoon.

We stayed a few hours enjoying the beach and your visual.

Patmos Island

sandy beach this Patmos Island

On the beach, probably the people camping there, They made various symbols on very large sand and were really cool.

sandy beach this Patmos Island

sandy beach this Patmos Island

Leaving there we went to see the Monastery of St. John, only that it closes too early, ace 13:30h, it opens at 8am and closes most days 13:30h, only Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday also open in the afternoon of 16hs to 18hs, then is programmed to go these times, as we did not know that, We could not meet inside.

Monastery of St. John

The same happens in John Cave, they open and close at the same time monastery, they look good next to each other, around 800m.

John Cave

As we can not see these two places, which for us was not our main destination, but the beach Psili Amos, not much will call, so we were strolling through downtown and took a last quick on the beach Agrio Livado Beach, it was now time to return to the ship.

Agrio Livado Beach

Do not miss our next destination, Rhodes.

Sunset in Rhodes

Where is Patmos?

Patmos is a small Greek island in the Dodecanese, in the South Aegean, situated at 55 km from the SW coast of Turkey, in the Aegean Sea

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