Ilhas Phi Phi e Praia Maya Bay, o paraíso da Tailândia

Phi Phi and Maya Bay Beach, Paradise Thailand

October 23, 2014 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

What to speak of this fantastic island, Paradise Thailand, as Ilhas Phi Phi They are located in the Indian Ocean, between the island of Phuket (one of the starting points for the island) and continente.As Islands are part of the National Park Phi Phi, these islands are the most popular destinations in Thailand, one of the reasons for staying was famous, because of the movie “The beach” Leonardo DiCaprio, the film is set on the beach Maya Bay, the island of Ko Phi Phi Le, it was the place much publicized worldwide, to see this beach a good time, You have to arrive early, because after 10:00h the place is packed with people and boats everywhere.

Ilhas Phi Phi, Ko Phi Phi Le

Maya Bay

in Islands Ko Phi Phi Le, Bamboo and Mosquito has no infrastructure and no hotels or inns, in Ko Phi Phi Le is possible only sleep there, doing a tour that is included one night on the island and sleeping in tents, the other is for the same visit.

Ko Phi Phi

we 3 days in Ko Phi Phi Don Island, It is enough to know everything there, would to become, but as we had been through other cities (Dubai, Singapore, Bali, Phuket) We did not have much time.

Ilha de Ko Phi Phi Don

On the first day we were on the beaches of the main island and close to the hotel, I gave everything to walk, on the second day we took the tour of 4 Islands, I will talk more in a moment, on the last day we were on the beach Loh Dalum Bay and from there I went alone (Pri would not go) kayak to the beach of monkeys.

Loh Dalum Bay

This beach as I said in the post of Phuket, Also there was the Tsunami that killed thousands of people in 2004, everything is rebuilt again and is very beautiful, one of the most beautiful beaches we already know.

phiphi island

Do not miss visiting Thailand this country is amazing, this because we know only a part of it.

Phi Phi

Phi phi Tailandia

Getting Phi Phi Islands

Getting Phi Phi Islands

To reach Ilhas Phi Phi, you may have two destinations for one main island which is Ko Phi Phi Don and one for the Island Ko Phi Phi Le (Maya Bay beach), the boats and ferry tours leave from both Phuket and Krabi, we went to Phuket, We buy the ferry ticket at the hotel itself, to return, we went to the main island and as I said above we 3 days there.

Ko Phi Phi Don


It is a Ilhas Phi Phi, the base of the food are seafood and fish, you will find some clay also, for it is well tourist.

We ate dinner at three restaurants on the island, one day dined pizza at the center, Pri for a miracle, I could not stand to eat different foods, the center is approximately a 7 minutes from the hotel, as we thought the pizza was very simple, normal, but as we had already eaten seafood almost trip, this whole night we decided to eat something very basic.

Ko Phi Phi Don Tailandia

The other two days also had dinner at restaurants that were between the center and the hotel, Restaurants are you choose food as if it were a fair, okay fresquinho, like the restaurant Bali, on the beach of Jimbaran. We love the food of two restaurants, They are great and very cheap.

Jimbaran Beach

Where to stay
The hospitable infrastructure of Ilhas Phi Phi it's very simple, with few hotels, book your hotel in advance, because the place is becoming more famous day and you may have difficulty in having a place to sleep.

Where to Stay Phi Phi

Maya Bay Beach in Phi Phi Thailand

We stayed at Phi Phi Villa Resort, the hotel is simple, but very good, It is facing the beach, has breakfast included, tv, air conditioning, wi fi at reception, only the bed that was a little bad (the mattress was spring), but the island's infrastructure, quite we recommend this hotel.

Phi Phi Villa Resort

Phi Phi Villa Resort

One very important thing, this hotel search you at the pier to the ferry arrives and takes her suitcase on a trolley, we recommend not carry many bags there, because between the pier and the hotel are 10 minute walk but, the island has no car, and has very few motorcycles and are small and small streets full of ups and downs, but to walk with big bags is terrible. As our base was in Phuket and would happily return there, We left our large suitcases the whole trip in the hotel's luggage rack and took only backpacks as needed to 3 dias em Phi Phi.

TurMundial em Phi Phi

Things to do in Phi Phi and what are the main attractions of Phi Phi.

tour of the 4 Islands, The tour lasts all day and goes through all the important points of all the islands which are Ko Phi Phi Le, Ko Phi Phi Don, Bamboo, Mosquito, this tour can be done with a speedboat, or a type of wooden Thai boat, both one and the other you can rent only for the couple, It is an option to take a tour of your way; We did the tour with this boat Thai, ahhh was killed repentance, the sea was sooo angry, We never spend so much fear in life, swear, we find a 20 Whenever the boat would turn, the boatman did not speak English until he was about to 60 years and does so every day, I was scared and spoke a few times to return!! think we!! And it is noteworthy that in normal situations, our fear sea, boats, etc, is ZERO!! But maybe in a day when the sea is calm, be quiet… but not to risk we recommend the fast boats and with more structure.

Ko Phi Phi Le, Ko Phi Phi Don, Bamboo, Mosquito

Ko Phi Phi Le

Ko Phi Phi Don

Maya Bay



Praia Ton Sai;

Praia Ton Sai

Praia Loh Dalum Bay;

Praia Loh Dalum Bay

Monkey Beach (Monkey Beach), gives go there by renting a kayak on the beach at Loh Dalum Bay;

The Famous Maya Bay Beach, You can go with the ride of the four islands, or rent a direct ride,
the beach is on Ko Phi Phi Le;

Famous Maya Bay Beach

Famous Maya Bay Beach

Diving, as Ilhas Phi Phi, They are very popular for diving, there are several agencies that do this tour, we just did a snorkeling.

Diving, as Ilhas Phi Phi

Viking Cave, Viking Cave

Viking Cave, Viking Cave

Plan your trip

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