O que fazer em Killiney, na Irlanda

Things to do in Killiney, in Ireland

July 25, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Killiney is a seaside town very close to Dublin, we went there in the morning and returned in the afternoon, We took the train (DART) in Connolly station, round trip with the student card out under 5 Euro and down in Killiney station.

Killiney has two attractions to visit, the beach and the park.


On the beach we were not because it was not summer, but it is quite beautiful by the standards of Ireland, the beach is stone, We decided to go to the park and see the beach from above, Killiney the park is beautiful, and the view of the city and the sea is wonderful.

Killiney Irlanda

In the middle of the park has a very old obelisk, were there doing a pic nic.

pic pic

The park sits high on a mountain, but the way to get there from Killiney train station is very calm, only uphill.


The city is the rich and famous live in this region of Ireland: Bono Vox (U2 lead singer), o The Edge (U2 guitarist) and singer Enya, their houses are on Vico Road, between the park and the sea.


From the park we walked the coast to the Dun Laoghaire station which is also a city of the same name and pass through the town of Dalkey and Sandycove.

cidade de Dalkey e Sandycove

In this way the coast, you will go through some parks at the seashore, as Dillon's Park and Park Sorrento, the Dillon's is but beautiful, these parks are in the town of Dalkey.

Dillon´s Park

The path is full of beautiful landscapes, a few km ahead already in Sandycove is the tower museum in honor of James Joyce (It was a novelist, short story writer and poet Irish expatriate. It is widely considered one of the most relevant authors of the twentieth century), the museum has free admission, the receptionists are some very dear and friendly volunteers elderly.

James Joyce

Soon after, already be Dun Laoghaire, It is also a city of the coast of Ireland, there is a very beautiful park called People's Park, additionally has a church and a really nice pier to meet and stare at the sea.

Dun Laoghaire

All the way should give less than 10 kms. tasty tour to do on days off, when you are living in or near Dublin.

Dun Laoghaire