Lista das principais empresas de ônibus da Europa

List of Europe's leading bus companies

January 29, 2016 10 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

A great choice and very cheap to travel in Europe, It is by bus, It is not always the preferred, but if your budget is tighter, it is good to take a look also, often or it is always cheaper if compare with plane and train, the only problem is the time it can get lost, but for those who want to save on hotel stay, You can make the pathways at night.

Following is the list of European bus companies:

Megabus – One of the cheapest companies Bus Europe, good covers part of Europe, this company there are bus tickets between capital 1 Euro trajeto.É the drooling!!It also makes parts in USA.

FlixBus – One of the cheapest companies Bus Europe, good covers part of Europe.

Eurolines - covers about 32 bus companies across Europe, covering 500 Destinations, including Morocco, in North Africa.

German Touring - Associada a Euro Lines. Copper destinations of the Romantic Road in Germany.

alsa Bus between several cities in Spain and other European countries.

Auto Res - Buses in Spain (line also has to Lisbon).

the Sepuvedana - It also performs excerpts in Spain.

Estonia Eurolines - Regular bus lines between the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) and the Baltic capitals (Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, for Brussels, Paris, Moscow, Saint Petersburg).

Eskelisen Lapinlinjat - Regular lines between the major cities of Finland.

Express Bus Lines regular between the major cities of Finland.

French Eurolines - you have lines from France to other countries. There are few options to travel by bus between French cities.

National Express - Regular bus lines between major cities England.

Ktel - buses between Athens and the main cities of mainland Greece.

Bus Eireann - Bus lines in Ireland and Ireland to other countries.

Lines and national and international bus schedules, links to websites of major companies, selling tickets online.

bus lines between the main Italian cities.

Excellent search engine through which picks up the cities of departure and arrival of the buses and the site informs existing lines, with the time and the link to the operating company.

Nor Way - Bus lines between the Norwegian cities (Oslo, Bergen etc) and Norway to other countries.

Eurolines Poland Polish lines to other European countries.

bus company that covers much of the country.