Lista de empresas de trem da europa

List of europe train companies

July 20, 2015 2 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Folks, follows a list of companies train in Europe, these sites you can buy cheap tickets beeem, compare to the site Rail Europa, which is an expensive site. When we think of making a trip to Europe, We think soon travel by train. Although for long distances, in 90% cases best air travel, but all depends on the time you have available also, then ALWAYS, search what the best option, for you to use. In the case of short distances or travel within the same country, the price tends to be cheaper, or sites that do not have the cheap flights from low cost carriers, as Ryanair.

Many travelers want to use the train, even though expensive, to have a new experience. See list of sites, major railway companies in some European countries:

If you are buying tickets from train in Europe for different countries, compensates also check the websites of all countries that you are, it may be that the price is cheaper on a website that the other, even though the same path. For example searching for train tickets in Europe I saw that if I buy a ticket from London to Brussels in SNCB Europe (site Brussels)the value is cheaper than the Eurostar (London site)and not only because the sale is in euros and not pounds.

Plan your trip

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