Mais um lugar mágico!! Parque Nacional de Plitvice ou Lagos de Plitvice – Croácia

Another magical place!! Plitvice Lakes National Park or Plitvice Lakes - Croatia

August 15, 2014 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

The Plitvice National Park is located in Croatia, in the central region of the country, is about two hours drive from the capital Zagreb. The park consists of forests, many crystal clear lakes (you see the bottom of lakes) and a host of animals and birds. It demaaais!!

Plitvice National Park

The place is beautiful (not tired of talking about it lol) It is a UNESCO world heritage, It is among the most visited places in the Croatia, many find it the most beautiful place in the country.

Plitvice Lakes

In this park there are three types of tours lasting 2, 4 or 8 hours of hiking trails. We made the 2 hours, It is so beautiful that you do not feel. The weather was pretty ugly and various parts got rain, We were with cover and all (buy there), but none hurt, Looks like you're in paradise. The ride 2 hours, We find enough time, perhaps for those who like to venture further in nature, it may be that it is worth the longer tours, but we do not know anyone who was, so we can not indicate.

Plitvice is located in Croatia

Getting Plitvice Lakes

The best option to get there is car, We rent a car, the rental price is ok , You can pick up the car in one city and deliver in another, have we done. Rent the car with a mobile wifi device, they got on very cheap store, because the GPS was also them, given problem in the way and the wifi was what saved us (as for using the mobile internet itself abroad, you have to sell the house and yet, pay the account lol) just using the good old Waze app we love as our guide , however the road is well marked is always good to prevent.
We We left Zagreb, but can get out of Split which is also close.
Of Zagreb are only 2 hour drive, a very good road, lindaaa and quiet, as already quoted in post anterior.

Getting Plitvice Lakes

It gives bus go too, But the bus makes several stops, as well have quoted, which makes traveling much further and tiring.


Where to stay Plitvice Lakes
We do not host the next town to the park, there is a very small structure hotels there, but we did not find it necessary, We arrived in the morning, around 11am , we walk, lunch, there are some restaurants gostosinhos (details below) we left a 15h and left to another amazing city, which we will make another post, Split.

Where to stay Plitvice Lakes

What to eat
In the park there are three types of restaurants for lunch, a restaurant self-service, an a la carte restaurant and a coffee shop to buy snacks and savory. As we were short on time, We had lunch at the self-service, the food was great and at a very affordable price.

Park there are three types of restaurants for lunch

There are a few souvenir shops, with typical things park (nothing must) .

Plitvice Lakes Croatia

Things to Do in Plitvice and what are the main tourist attractions of Plitvice

Are dozens of waterfalls, lakes and magnificent trails!!

Things to Do in Plitvice

What are the main tourist attractions of Plitvice

Plan your trip

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