Málaga – Verão o ano inteiro

Málaga – Summer all year

March 16, 2016 0 By Christian Gutierrez and Priscilla Gutierrez

Malaga is a Spanish city on the Mediterranean coast, in the state of Andalusia, there almost the whole year is heat, It is one of the hottest places in Spain.
cruise Málaga

We went there when we were making the sea voyage between Brazil and Spain (see the post about the cruise), Malaga was one of the ports we stopped this trip, so we were there only for a few hours, We arrive early, ace 10 hours we go down and we had to return to the ship to ace 17 hours, because it would continue shipping until the end port that was Barcelona (See the post on Barcelona).

Malaga Spain

Málaga Andaluzia

TurMundial in Malaga

We had booked a tour of the ship, which included a city tour, and some tapas with wine just one day before, they advised that the tour had not demand and was canceled.

Things to Do in Malaga and what are the main attractions of Malaga

Things to Do in Malaga and what are the main attractions of Malaga

With that and the short time, We went through the same account, He gave to know Gibralfaro Castle, which is beautiful and has an amazing view of the city, hard is it to visit all, even the part that sits on top of the mountain, but very worth it, the main entrance has ruins of a building of the Roman Empire era, called Alcazaba is also a beautiful place, you can buy the entrance to the two places and has a discount.

Things to Do in Malaga

Gibralfaro Castle

Down from the castle we went to Cathedral of the Incarnation in Malaga, but only visited it out.

Cathedral of the Incarnation in Malaga

Cathedral of the Incarnation in Malaga

Malaga center

After there we went to the the Picasso Museum, if you like a lot, but very same art worth, Now if you like more or less, there are other museums dedicated to it, which are much better, such as the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. To avoid queue to buy the ticket to the museum clicking here

We passed the Church of Santiago Apostol.

Church of Santiago Apostol

E chegamos até a Praça De La Merced, where you have the house, where Picasso lived for a few years.

Praça De La Merced

Already turning towards the harbor, We had lunch with our friends ship, num restaurante chamado La Taberna del Obispo, which is in the Plaza del Obispo, a food was excellent, we eat to vary delicious seafood paella.

La Taberna del Obispo

Wall of Malaga

The funny thing was that we stayed a long time sitting in the restaurant because there had wifi for free, and made a 8 days we were without internet access, without contact with the outside world, because the ship (that cost a fortune if you wanted access, with the risk of not taking good), then seemed we were with internet withdrawal, when we arrived at the restaurant but eat, we had to call families, see emails, whatsapp, facebook , we almost an hour without us talking to each other …


One day we come back to Malaga and have more time to walk around the city and beaches such as Marbella.

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